• Talkd: Redefining User Experience
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    Talkd: Redefining User Experience

    India has been at the top of the outsourcing race, with a 55 percent market share. Large organizations continue to outsource their IT operations. Even though mostly technology-related works come to India, unfortunately, the country is not looked upon when it comes to design. The reason ­ there are no world-class design schools in India. The best designers are still from eastern Europe, and then within the US. UX design for products is a front line business, and mostly, it is not considered as an outsourcing option. Amidst this market, Pune-based TALKD has carved` a niche. The success model for the agency is to partner with other tech companies who are working with enterprises across the globe. Identifying that most of the tech companies currently lack a design team, TALKD comes into...

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