Sustainable Biosolutions: Develops & Commercializes Sustainable Biological Solutions & Technologies for Solid & Liquid Waste Management

Akshat Tyagi, Co-Founder & Director,Raghavendra Prasad Suryavanshi, Co-Founder & Director

Akshat Tyagi & Co-Founder & Director

With rapid urbanization, India is facing a massive waste management challenge, wherein every waste from solid urban to sewage to chemical/industrial is mismanaged. The major factors affecting waste management in the country are unscientific treatment, improper collection of waste, and ethical problems, which in-turn create hazards like environmental degradation and water/soil/air pollution. The need of the hour is a sustainable solution with an extreme commitment towards the elimination of prevailing & upcoming environment problems. This has been the whole story of Sustainable Biosolutions LLP (SBS) – an environmental biotech enterprise rendering wide gamut of revolutionary eco-friendly products at different scales for solid as well as liquid waste management. Its product portfolio includes Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plants, Biogas plants & balloons, RO-UF-UV Systems, Organic Waste Composters, Sanitary Napkin Incinerators and Compost Bins.

Focused on environment, SBS developed a revolutionary Sewage Treatment Technology (SUSBIO SBR) in collaboration with French government body (INRA) for making wastewater reusable, complying with all Indian (Pollution Control Board) & International
(European) norms. The company that transforms sewage into drinking water (Toilet to Tap) uses 100 percent natural ways to treat wastewater and undertakes design, installation, troubleshooting, revamping and maintenance of STPs at various scales. Every day, this engineering venture treats around 12,00,000 liters of wastewater, wherein 95-98 percent of the treated water has been reused for gardening, toilet flushing, chiller, washing, and other purposes.

"We endeavor to shift client’s preference from saving money by installing less potent technologies to opt technologies"

Further, SBS crafts small & big food waste based biogas plants for restaurants & food outlets wherein it is authorized implementer of Nisargruna Biogas plant from Bhabha Atomic Research Center, GoI. Besides, the venture also renders biogas technologies for unconventional sources like slaughterhouse waste, fish waste, food processing industry waste and municipal solid waste. Since inception in 2013, SBS has been running operations around the year (24x7x365) with at least one unit working every time.

Knowing SBS
Akshat Tyagi & Raghavendra prasad Suryavanshi (Co-Founders & Directors) met at BITS Pilani while pursuing ME Biotechnology and embarked their entrepreneurial journey in the second year of the course itself by solving the sewage treatment problem of the institute. The success story of the college project not only developed confidence in the duo to serve outside clients, but also marked the beginning of Sustainable Biosolutions. This Vasco Da Gama-based firm was established with the motto of ‘giving back to nature’, while developing solutions for all kind of pollutions.
During their initial days, it’s hard for Akshat & Raghavendra to showcase their technical superiority and get a project as the industry wanted to see a success story before signing them. Hence, the duo setup a demo plant of a 10,000 liters per day, big enough to treat sewage from a 20 flats apartment. “It was a calculated risk at the cost of considerable investment and a bank loan, which even bigger players don’t dare to do. But the risk paid-off when clients liked our demo plant and started offering the business,” adds Raghavendra. Within a short span of five years, this self-funded company established itself as the most preferred company fighting environmental problems in both government and private sectors, including Indian Railways, hotels, institutions, shopping malls, apartments, hospitals, industries, municipalities and schools.

Raghavendra Prasad Suryavanshi,
Co-Founder & Director

In coming years, SBS envisions bringing behavioral change in the industry while empowering clients to install STPs for environmental concern not for the sake of PCB. “We endeavor to shift client’s preference from saving money by installing less potent technologies to opt technologies which give better results and expand geographically, covering major parts of India,” concludes Akshat.