• Dharthi Sustainables: Getting Down to the Roots of Solid Waste Management in India
  • 10 Most Promising Waste Management Service Providers – 2019

    Waste is undoubtedly a hidden treasure today if recycled properly! People must stop treating waste as just a blot on the landscape and contribute their part in executing proper solid waste management to reach the dream of a cleaner India. By 2030, it is estimated that the waste generation in India will elevate to 165 million tonnes thereby requiring almost 66,000 hectares of land for creating landfills. This estimate of land area is shockinglyequal to around 90 percent of Bengaluru’s total area. Hence, there is a grave need to enhance our current waste management practices or else we would be living amidst our own piles of filth and slime. Inclusion of technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and others is believed to improve the entire process of waste...

10 Most Promising Waste Management Service Providers – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Citadel Technomech Citadel Technomech Manish Tiwari, Founder An end-to-end solid waste management company offering simple yet powerful and innovative waste and environmental services including collection operations, transfer stations, designing landfill, and compost plants and design, supply, the establishment of construction & demolition waste processing plant along with its running operations and maintenance
EcoCredible EcoCredible Dhaval Jitkar, Director Premium waste management company specializing in e-waste recycling, while also offering solutions in water and waste water treatment and solid waste management
EnSURE Consortium EnSURE Consortium Rajni Nibheria, Proprietor, Sunit Nibheria, Founder & CEO With the vision to be the most respected renewable/sustainable energy company in the world, the company designs, develops and delivers innovative renewable/sustainable, waste to energy solutions
Envicare Solutions Envicare Solutions Vivek Kumar Patel, Managing Director Established with a motto ‘I care for an Environment’, the company provides sustainable solutions for daily waste generated in apartments/schools/corporate companies/hospitals and others
Nationwide Waste Management Services Nationwide Waste Management Services Ram Inder Singh Kochar, Promoter & MD A single window waste management service provider, streamlining methods for efficient waste-management, disposal & segregation solutions working on the mission of zero waste to landfill
Nila Polycast Baction Nila Polycast Baction Pratik Katekar, Founder, Nikhil Ganorkar, Co-Founder A research-driven solid & wet waste management solution provider that leverages decentralized, scientific, innovative and clean composting technology to obtain a clean & green environment
Quantum Green Quantum Green Raj Kumar Sharma, Director Grade An integrated technology company specializing in Design, Supply and Installation of Biogas plants for varying applications ranging from Household Cooking to Industrial Cogeneration purposes, including Power Generation and Bio-CNG Bottling plants
SMS Hydrotech SMS Hydrotech Surya V Singh, CEO A Swachh Bharat advocate and reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a broad range of waste recycling machines with zero discharge and a 100 percent natural 24-hour composting process that are easy to install and use
Sustainable Bio Solutions Sustainable Bio Solutions Akshat Tyagi, Co-Founder & Director, Raghavendra Prasad Suryavanshi, Co-Founder & Director An environmental engineering enterprise that provides wide gamut of cutting edge eco-friendly products at different scales for liquid and solid waste management using 100 percent natural ways to treat sewage