Superior Talent India: Taking Talent Acquisition to the Next Level

Navin Gautham P, Director & Country Manager,Scott Stenclik, President & CEO

Navin Gautham P, Director & Country Manager

Scott Stenclik, President & CEO

Over the years, we have witnessed several Indians heading major international organizations, starting from Ajay Banga (MasterCard), Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo), Satya Nadella (Microsoft) to Sundar Pichai (Google). These master-minds have bestowed a unique position for Indian talents on the global map, and it has been one of the predominant reasons for MNCs to not only hire talents from India, but also setup their base in our country. But on the flip side, finding employable talents from the burgeoning number of candidates has become a herculean task, which turns most of the Indian HR consultancies into client centric mass recruiters who provide raw candidates, see clients and candidates through different eyes, and often forsake the ‘existence’ of candidates.

Resetting the aforementioned status quo and offering immediately employable and fitting candidates in shut-eye time is Superior Talent India (STI) – an organization having a decade of experience in offering HR services in India, whereas its U.S.-based parent company (Superior Group) brings in a heritage of 60 years. Predominantly in Direct Placement, Executive Search, International Hiring, Payroll Management, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), STI utilizes the global recruiting standards of its parent organization while offering its services, which is why the company is best known for providing both its customers – clients & candidates – a unique personalized experience. It takes the responsibility of overall procedure, counsels the candidates in line with the job descriptions, and eventually ascertains that they never bear any workload beyond the job descriptions.

Services Dipped in Human Expertise & Technology
“We scrutinize our clients' needs thoroughly, which not only enables us to induct the fitting talents, but also helps us to provide a realistic timeline and thus ensure transparency in the entire process," proclaims Navin Gautham P.,Director & Country
Manager – India Operations,Superior Talent India. STI’s highly tenured and expert recruiters are determined to go the extra mile to see the smile on clients face, and they enable the company to guarantee world class results and service levels to a range of industry verticals, heavily leveraging its technology solutions, award winning Six Sigma process(Recruit Sigma), and performing persistent follow ups.

STI utilizes the global recruiting standards of its parent organization while offering its services, which is why the company is best known for providing both its customers a unique personalized experience

The two high-end technology solutions innovated by STI -TAIDA & STAR, play an instrumental role in terms of hassle free talent acquisition & management. While TAIDA helps organizations to attract & constantly monitor talents through web communities and electronic marketing, STAR (System for Talent Attraction & Retention) provides a reliable mechanism to eliminate candidates with high attrition risk. Ensuring an effective utilization of all these resources to offer employable talents, the company has helped many MNCs set up their base in India.

Nevertheless, STI has a special adroitness in executive talent hiring. It accomplished about 51 executive inductions in the year passed, and has already completed more than 20 this year. Further more, the company also performs payroll services whenever its foreign clients require it on Indian soil. “In terms of the RPO setup, we have on-site-recruitment and recruiter-on-hire, along with the retain search models,” adds Navin.

Carrying the Legacy
As Rome was n’t built in a day, neither was Superior Talent India. Rewinding 11 years, the company was previously known as Summit HR India,one of the most renowned HR services companies, and Superior Group was one of its clients. When Superior decided to take on Summit’s, Navin came along with them to take care of the business in the foreign land. And within a year, Superior took over, re-christening its India operation as STI in 2007. Shift to the present, and the group now has three major business lines – STI (providing talent services within India), Superior Shared Services (serving clients outside the sub-continent) and Superior
Design Co.,Inc.(a professional design & engineering services company). Headquartered in Chennai and with PAN India presence, STI over the years has become Superior Group’s biggest center after the U.S., filling over 200,000 assignments to date with 200+ customers.

Always in pursuit of offering something new, today, STI is re-engineering its recruiting process to benefit both clients and candidates better. “We are looking forward to further strengthening our relationship with clients in the U.S. with an aim to bring them to Indian soil,” adjoins Navin. He is pretty realistic when it comes to future, and foresees STI among the top 15 recruiters in India within the next five years. “Our steps are firm and confident. We want to make our services speak for us,” he adds. Besides an office in Bangalore, the company has recently opened a business center in Delhi and is all set to launch another one in Mumbai as well.

One Big Family
Beginning its operations with just 15 people, STI has grown to become a strong team that comprises close to 200 people with clients across the world. As the parent company has retained many of its employees for more than 25 years, STI is following the same family-like work culture to create a welcoming atmosphere. Having a flat structure, even Navin is very much in reach of every employee. He is extremely determined in making them comfortable and genuinely believes in the saying, ‘When you take care of your employees, they take care of your clients’.

Key Management:
Scott Stenclik, President & CEO
Joined Superior Group in 1986, Scott oversees the company, short and long term strategic planning, implementation, and coordination of ongoing operations.

NavinGautham P, Director & Country Manager
As the head of Superior Group India operations,Navin plays a key role in integrating Superior Talent India's operations with Superior Group's global strategy, and leveraging the knowledge and success of the parent company..

Offices: Chennai(Headquarter), Bangalore & Delhi