Super Creative Graphic Services: Helping Your Business Acclimatize to the Language & Cultural Difference

Chintak Savla, Founding Partner

Chintak Savla

Founding Partner

Localization is one of the perennial business requirements that fail to extinguish from the realm of corporate universe. Companies like Google, Facebook and many others are leveraging this business element to help expand their presence on a global level, making it an intrinsic element of business processing for almost every organisation. An experienced industrial player, Mumbai based Super Creative Graphic Services (SCGS) has been helping several companies for almost three decades penetrate regional markets through its human translation, Proofreading, Copy-writing localization, and Desktop Publishing (DTP) services. “Due to vast amount of data and limited time, companies often compromise on their service offerings, from quality of translation to consistency & limited number of languages, but we are one of the rare organisations that focus on providing end-to-end solutions in 20 domestic and 30+ global lingual,” affirms Chintak Salva, Founding Partner, Super Creative Graphic Services.

Reading in Between the Lines
Interestingly, in the age of automation, SCGS believes in

Interestingly, in the age of automation, SCGS believes in the finesse of human touch and doesn’t rely on the translation software, thereby engaging the audience effectively through the humane element

the finesse of human touch and does n’t rely on the translation software, thereby engaging the audience effectively through the humane element. The team takes immense pride in its ability to deliver high value, consistent and uncompromising work with fast turnaround times guaranteeing absolutely accurate translations. “All our language professionals are native speakers, with industry expertise and are highly qualified and accredited in the field,” adds Chintak. Post translation, the company’s DTP experts help enabling the language transition of the clients’ websites, or any other collateral while preserving the integrity of the organisation and setting the content in any language in the their master layout. A keen check on the grammar & language, flow, an in-depth understanding of the publishing softwares including Adobe PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Quark Xpress with management layout for languages like Arabic and Urdu (with textual format from right to left) stands as a testament to the company’s prolific services and firm grasp on the clientele requirement of diverse industries and cultures.
The SCGS’ proofreading and copy writing services is boon for companies seeking a complete content bouquet under one platform, negating the hassle of multiple suppliers, invariably saving them time as well as money. Its copy-writers blend their dual expertise of language and content development to create proficient and customer centric content. On the other hand, its proof-readers, assigned to a particular project is a specialist in that industry, and thus, is able to not only correct any errors but also identify any incorrect or inappropriate word usage while verifying all sector-specific and technical terminology. “To ensure that all the criteria & requirements are met, we study the project in detail, brief our translators and subsequently, engage in a clear interaction with our client, explaining them how we will ensure that all the parameters are met in the best possible manner,” explains Chintak.

Considering its proficient multi-faceted offering, it is not hard to believe that SCGS has played an instrumental role in building brand presence and customer engagement for companies like Axis Bank, Welspun Corp., ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, and Emirates NBD Bank. Though the industry has seen its fair share of undulations, SCGS continues to remain firm in its work ethics and methodologies. “We expect the numbers to improve in the future and are also looking at spreading our wings outside Mumbai and may soon have a sales office in other metros,” concludes Chintak.