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  • 20 Most Promising Translation Service Providers - 2018

    The inception of language can be traced back to the tale of The Babel Tower. In their quest to reach the heavens, human starting building a tower that will help them get a glimpse of paradise. The creation of languages led to high altitudes of unfamiliarity and the obvious conclusion of the mission failure. Eons have passed since that episode and languages continue to flabbergast the best of minds. Entering this realm is the translation industry that is converting this drawback into an advantage and creating the Babel of new times. With English being the most used corporate languages, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin are one of the most sought after languages to build international and corporate relations. The familiarity of the language often plays a poignant role in...

20 Most Promising Translation Service Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Academia De Español Academia De Español Dinesh & Vidya Govindani, Founders A premier Spanish training institute catering to the needs of companies within an enormous array of diverse fields, including pharmaceutical firms, education as well as digital media
Anuj Lingual Services Anuj Lingual Services Anuj Panda, Director An organisation with an international reach offering linguistic services like translation, localization and many others to help companies expand their global footprint and credibility
Avitra Avitra Michael Koot, Head Manager A multilingual team of translators, all native speakers, in the Auroville International Township based in India
Chinese Translation Group Chinese Translation Group Jay Neel, Project Manager A trusted brand by top businesses worldwide for all their Chinese Translation and Chinese Interpretation needs in a fast & affordable manner
Daiichi Language Centre Daiichi Language Centre Anjali Chafekar, Director An upcoming centre for all types of localization services related to foreign languegs in central India, predominantly focused on Japanese and Chinese
First Language Solutions First Language Solutions Karn Aditya, Founder Providing professional Multilingual translation services of the highest standard, supplying the most accurate translation possible in a timely and economic delivery
Japlang Japlang Santosh Kumar, Managing Partner Focusing on different verticals in regards to Foreign Language, and offering complete Language training pathways for students and workforce of any age, cultural understanding and learning sessions
Langscape Language Solutions Langscape Language Solutions Senthil Nathan, Founder Adopting a digital linguistic solutions approach to help companies transform from the monolingual identity to multilingual functionality
Linguapura Linguapura Ketki Nawathe, Director Helping clients achieve their business and expansion goals through slick presentation and work methodology along with fantastic readability to ensure a constant presence
Linguidoor Linguidoor Pushkar Anand, Director Offering solution to all language related issues or requirements and providing impeccable and quality services at affordable costs and observe utmost confidentiality of the sensitive information
Maruti Multilingual Maruti Multilingual Maruti Shinde, Director A people centric organization seeking and fostering proactive localization services with a human touch
Nancy Translation Services Nancy Translation Services Deepa Nandlal Chang, Director Flexible and timely translation services delivered with the most utmost quality with the help of a streamlined methodology and experienced writers
Prabha Linguistic Services Prabha Linguistic Services Prabha Srinivasan, Founder An end-to-end localization service providers helping orgnisations and individuals gain an upper hand in the third language knowledge
Quadrate Quadrate Bharathi Mohan, Managing Director A full-service professional language company that offers comprehensive translation, and localization service for business houses and commercial establishments in India and abroad
Super Creative Graphic Services Super Creative Graphic Services Chintak Savla, Founding Partner A one stop solution for all translation needs in an accurate, cost effective and efficient manner
TRANSLAAT TRANSLAAT Najaf Ahmad, Founder & CEO A global organization analyzing and execute information oppressed work flow with a proven methodology and technologies
TRANSOPLANET TRANSOPLANET Binod, CEO Committed to delivering quality translations and working towards accomplishing clients' needs ensuring their satisfaction
Ukti Ukti Deepika Pundora, Founder Offering customized and research-backed translation, writing, and editing solutions, helping individuals and businesses communicate effectively with their audience, using powerful and punchy content
Web Dunia Web Dunia Vijay Chhajlani, Founder & Group Chairman A CMMI Level 3, localization and software solutions provider to global businesses, delivering industry-led localization, translation, multilingual content management across any platform