Sun Agri Export: Offering Reliable Organic Fertilizers While Empowering Farmers

Suraj Patel,Director & Partner

Suraj Patel

Director & Partner

In the current era, `organic' is not just a buzzword, but the society is actually shifting towards the natural. From cosmetics to furniture, we hear this word associated with almost everything. Same is the scenario with the agriculture & fertilizer sector. Organic fertilizers have immense benefits for soil and crop production. They add soil organic matter, improve soil structure and preserve essential nutrients that crops need in order to grow well. People have already started realizing its importance and due to this, the organic fertilizer sector is witnessing continuous growth worldwide. Consequently, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3 percent during the forecast year of 2019-24. Contributing to the industry with the same goal to serve the society by distributing natural & organic alternatives to replace chemically manufactured fertilizers is Sun Agri Export, an Ahmedabad-based organic fertilizer manufacturer.

Differential Factor
Incorporated in 2011, Sun Agri Export today is well known as a leading & reliable manufacturer & supplier of best-in-class organic fertilizers in Indian as well as International market. Focusing on quality and a systematic approach to ensure world-class manufacturing & supplying of the product has been the directing forces for the operations of this ISO 22000:2005 certified organization. But what actually differentiates the firm from its competitors is its dedication towards creating awareness among the farmers by providing them with the wise knowledge (through phone calls, regular meetings, and online articles) on the better
use of fertilizers in their agricultural lands. Un-like other players who focus mainly on business profits, Sun Agri Export emphasizes more on the development of farmers and their wellbeing. "Our goal is to enrich the life of the farmers, not just by providing them with our products, but also by helping them understand the value of organic fertilizer," states Suraj Patel, Director & Partner, Sun Agri Export.

The firm has three dedicated products in its portfolio ­ Premium Organic Fertilizer, Hi-Protein Castor Meal & Castor Cake. Premium Organic Fertilizer is the flagship product and it contains NPK from organic source, All Micronutrients, Organic Carbon & Organic Protein. The product doesn't just help in soil fertility but offers nutrients to the crops, which results in great yield. With the extensive research of more than two years of time the company made to achieve Organic Matters in their product to more than 80%, and the Organic Carbon is more than 35% which is much more than the organic carbon offered by other companies is their organic fertilizer. More carbon means more fast fertility into the soil. And Sun Agri Export Co is the only manufacturer of Organic Fertilizer who is giving 45% Organic Protein in their Premium Organic Fertilizer. Protein helps to grow crop faster, bigger and yield more output from the crop. Hence the Premium Organic Fertilizer is the complete one stop solution for all needs for agricultural requirement.

All of the products are custom-made and contains basic three essential nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK), along with macro & micronutrients such as iron, sulfate, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum and copper, which makes them a balanced fertilizer. The Hi-Protein Castor Meal is specially crafted for the international market, whereas the Castor Cake is suitable for Indian farming and enhances the fertility of the soil without causing any damage or decay.

The Sun Agri Export's team of dedicated professionals possess deep knowledge of the industry and excel in every aspect of the organization's operations. Backed by a talented team of experts, the organization joins hands with renowned dealers and drives the path in the fertilizer manufacturing industry to break the challenges that come across its way. With such dedicated services, Sun Agri Export has bagged various reputed domestic as well as international clients including Spain-based Bargosa SA, Canada-based BioFert & Terralink Horticulture & Vivigro Sustainable Solutions. In India, South India base The South Indian Fertilizers, Agri Life C/o SOM Phytopharma (India) Ltd. & Himalaya International Limited, to name a few. In its work tenure of nine years, Sun Agri Export has always strived hard to stay updated with the industry trends by implementing R&D and innovating in its part of formulations. "We aim to keep our good work intact while assisting the farmers to get the best return for their produce. Apart from that, expanding the production facilities along with our market presence is a plan that is in the pipeline," concludes Suraj.