SS Broadband: Unleashing the Full Potential of the Internet

 Sanjoy Sen Gupta, General Manager, Swastika Sen Gupta Founder & CMD,Amit Modak, General ManagerThe Internet Service Provider (ISP) sector has been growing at an exponential rate and is generating considerable growth for several share holders. With over 520 million internet users India is the second largest internet market in the World. At present, there are only 300 active ISP providers in India competing with each other to tap into the immense potential the sector seems to have offered in recent times. Taking advantage of this trend is SS Broadband a Siliguri and Kolkata based Internet Service Provider Company, established in June 2016. The company is well adept in providing high speed internet connectivity to both the areas it covers. The company is currently serving more than 700 customers. The agency offers 24/7 free home service for its set up and troubleshooting purposes to its customers.

SS Broadband has devised separate internet plans for both Siliguri and Kolkata regions. In addition to the separate set of plans for
specific regions, the agency also offers special plans for corporate offices. For household customers, their basic plan starts from just 399 Rupees a month and may go up to 11,999 Rupees a month depending on the internet speed and the amount of data required by the customers.

The company is well adept in providing high speed internet connectivity to both the areas it covers

“In a very short span of time, we have built a very good rapport among our customer bases due to our uncompromising nature on the quality of equipments the company procures”, says Swastika Sen Gupta, Founder & CMD, SS Broadband. The agency procures high tech equipments from its strong base of Broadband partners that includes Alliance Broadband and IKF, and an equally strong base of cable TV partners that includes the likes of Hathaway and SITI Networks. The users of SS Broadband are fully secured of malicious programs and cyber security attackers as the agency has recently acquired an advanced firewall that has the ability to automatically detect threats and ignore potential malicious activities.

When SS Broadband started their operations, it had to face a lot of challenges from other operators. The agency did not lose track of its objectives and through building good relations with customers by giving them time-to-time services and facilitating better machinery the company managed to overcome the challenges with relative ease. The company has plans to start their own IPTV services which they will be providing through the broadband connection at the low¬est possible monthly rate that is going to be lower than even cable TV. Besides IPTV SS Broadband is also planning to introduce the facility of voice calling through its broadband connection. For the future road map, the company wishes to be the best Internet Service Providers in the areas they adhere to.