Sri Sai Translations: Bringing Global Companies Together Under the Canopy of Language

Sangamesh Bhure & Sushmita Bhure, Founders

Sangamesh Bhure & Sushmita Bhure, Founders

Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”. Language connects people globally and has invariably helped in global expansion of several MNCs & startups, and government agendas like treaties, declarations and many other alliances. These projects require a high-end professional expertise and a shorter turn-around time, which not many translation companies can provide. But Sri Sai Translations fits the bill perfectly. This Hyderabad-based organization has been catering to such tall orders since 2008 when the translation industry was still in its infancy in India.

The company specializes in translation, transcription, voice over and DTP services. However, translation is its main forte, where it caters to Indian, as well as Foreign clients, relying on its interwoven (in-house and outsourced) network of highly experienced & domain expert certified translators and high-quality processing of every project. “We deploy latest software of translations and are available 24/7 for all our clients. We often work on responses that we receive at even 2 AM to justify our timelines. For major languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, and many others, we stick to shorter deadlines, while for other rare languages, we demand preferred deadlines,” states Sangamesh Bhure & Sushmita Bhure, Founders, Sri Sai Translations.

Quality Backed Services
Catering to an array of organizations in diverse domains
like UNICEF, Facebook, Citibank, and many more, Sri Sai Translations undertakes a meticulous approach ensuring utmost accuracy, short turn around time and high RoI. First and foremost, the client’s work undergoes a domain check based on which a translator is then selected. The translator offers a sample work and if approved, the team undertakes the entire project. It is later followed by a QA (quality assessment) process and proofreading if required. Clients are benefitted by high-quality results, as the team is known to produce an accuracy of up to 97 percent even without proofreading.

"We deploy latest software of translations and are available 24/7 for all our clients"

This accuracy is further reinforced by a terminology list created in relevance to the industry in focus where particular words are listed and maintained uniformly by either retaining the word of origin or translating it all through the document to maintain the much-needed consistency. The duo proudly asserts, “Every employee has at least seven years of experience and translators have more than 10 years of experience”. Interestingly, these translators are succeeded by proofreaders who hold more than a decade of industrial experience and ensure that the resultant document is error-free.

Sushmita believes that translation industry has now emerged as a primary market and there is a growing awareness among the common masses and organizations of varied sizes. Sri Sai Translations is syncing this growing awareness with a simple but premium strategy of hands-on training. Sangamesh explains, “For example, there is a resource, who is a professor holding good industrial knowledge. To polish him, we train him and then we take him up on the small projects and later transfer him to bigger projects, but the training goes on. On the other hand, we also heavily engage with outsource & strategy. When we work on multiple
languages, we outsource these projects and for rare tribal languages like Monpa, Mara, Thar, Halbi and more, we have contract-based resources”. At Sri Sai Translations, the technical team takes the baton to simplify translation through software like Memoq and trains the rest of the translators to efficiently supply their projects with ease and precision.

Every language has a designated expert team that helps fulfill clientele demands of short deadlines and builds the much-needed rapport for a repeat service. In fact, several clients have praised Sri Sai Translations for its strong work methodology and delivery conduct. One of them says, “We used the services of Sri Sai Translations and found them to be extremely good. All our translation projects were estimated properly and delivered on time with fair quality. I was particularly impressed with their customer-centric approach and ability to meet complex requirements. The service costs were reasonable and competitive as per market standards. All in all, it was a pleasant experience working with Sri Sai Translations”.

Sri Sai Translations experienced a 14 percent revenue growth in the last FY and continues to innovate fervently while it envisions bringing-in new languages like the tribal linguais Chiru, Tagin, Gurung, Kuvi, Tulu, and many more to its assorted portfolio. “We have worked with Fortune 500s & contracting agencies and now are eyeing to expand our consumer base to increase our annual turnover. We are keen on developing an app with a user-friendly application which can be used for translating and typing,” concludes the duo.

Key Management
Sangamesh Bhure & Sushmita Bhure, Founders

Office: Hyderabad
Offerings: Translation, Transcription, Voice Over and DTP services