Spider Link Networks: Reliable Internet Leased Line Service Provider

Sachin M Khandelwal, CEO & Founder

Sachin M Khandelwal

CEO & Founder

Business ethics require internet service providers to focus on offering a reliable and high quality service to its customers as well as delivering a good return on investment for its shareholders. Massive deployment of airwaves and optic fiber based networks has brought dramatic changes in the internet usage. Based out of Jaipur, Spider Link Networks provides different amenities such as Security and Networking, Internet and Wi-Fi Services IP Telephony Cloud Solution and SEO & Digital Platform. The organisation has the widest coverage fiber across Rajasthan.

Spider Link Networks is entirely dedicated to assimilate customer driven quality strategy with better innovation. All the processes of the company are geared towards not just customer satisfaction but strive towards achieving customer delight. The company helps the customers through greater access to the hardware, software, solution and services essential to compete in the market. Spider Link Networks’ primary focus lies on Four Major Philosophies the first one is availability of the company's networks. Network of the organisation is available in the areas where the customers live and can access widely.

Adaptability to match customer demands is the second aspect that the organisation focuses on. According to the growth of technology, customers also demand and expect more from the service providers. The third focus of the organisation is acceptance
in terms of service parameters. The underlying crucial goal is to provide services at an affordable price to the consumers.

Spider Link Networks is entirely dedicated to assimilate customer driven quality strategy with better innovation

Spider Link Networks faces challenges when there is requirement for educating the customers. The complaints of the customers are separated into two sections, SECI(Spider End Connectivity Issue)and CACI (Customer End Connectivity Issue). “We identify our complaints, for example out of 1000 complaints we have around 600 complaints which is under the category of CACI (Customer End Connectivity Issue). But those 600 are not considered as complaints it is named as customer education issue. After separating the complaints, we try to tackle the customer problems and try to educate them”, says Sachin M Khandelwal, CEO & Founder, Spider Link Networks. The organisation also offers internet leased line service, which is a private high-performance circuit that can be leased by a common carrier between customer’s premises and ISP’s NOC. Spider Link Networks is similarly offering broadband connection as well as managed services to the consumers. The organization is teamed up with employees carrying more than fifteen to twenty seven years of experience in different fields such as technology business development and enterprising. The company provides special offers to the startup enterprises in an affordable price, thereby promoting more startups to enrol and seek services from Spider Link Networks.

Spider Link Networks is launching their voice service that has already been tested. With this launch Spider Link Networks will become the first private ISP to offer voice services in Jaipur area. The current and future focus of the organisation is to provide their services in hundred plus towns of Rajasthan and also to the underserved areas of the state.