Spearhead Intersearch: A Go to Brand Specializing in Senior Level Executive Search & Board Hiring

Jyorden Misra, Managing Director

Jyorden Misra

Managing Director

In today's competitive corporate world, companies are constantly striving to attract the best talent to drive their growth and success. Executive search firms are important for organizations seeking to identify and attract highquality talent, while also retaining their top executives. These firms possess the necessary expertise and resources to help businesses understand the caliber and type of talent they should be looking to bring on board. Consequently, they have become crucial for companies that wish to secure the best talent available in the market. SPEARHEAD INTERSEARCH is one such leading customized search service provider that has been making waves in the industry. The company works closely with organizations (clients) to understand their unique needs and tailor their search services accordingly. With a deep network of contacts in various industries and a rigorous research process, the firm can identify top-tier talent that meets their client's specific requirements, both near-term and strategic.

The Holistic Approach
SPEARHEAD INTERSEARCH is a prominent player in the field of business, organizational, and personnel growth, recognizing the crucial role of hiring the right people, especially for leadership positions, in achieving success. However, due to the competitive talent market and the specific requirements of each
role, this can be challenging. To overcome these obstacles, SPEARHEAD takes a thorough approach to the recruitment process, which involves understanding at a granular level the needs of clients, utilizing their broad network of contacts, and prioritizing research and knowledge applications. The firm also offers ongoing support throughout the search process to ensure strong engagement between the company and the candidate. "SPEARHEAD has a strong reputation in the premium executive search industry, with a global presence through its offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, making it well-positioned to serve clients in one of the world's fastest-growing economies", shares Jyorden Misra, Managing Director(India HQ) & BoD (INTERSEARCH Worldwide).

Diverse Client Base & Niche Focus
SPEARHEAD INTERSEARCH is focused on providing services to high-level executives like CXOs and the Board of Directors, to improve corporate governance practices and offer talent audit and advisory services. The company deliberately serves a wide range of clients from various industries, including traditional sectors such as FMCG, infrastructure, and agriculture, as well as high-tech areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and aeronautics. By doing so, SPEARHEAD INTERSEARCH enables the exchange of skills across industries, keeping pace with emerging technologies and new evolving sectors. With a diverse client base, the company is able to engage as a business partner to entrepreneurs building ventures on cutting-edge technologies, and those powered purely on the basis of novel and creative talent.

The Future Roadmap
SPEARHEAD's global partner, INTERSEARCH, is a dominant player in the worldwide markets, seeking expansion into emerging markets with high demand for deep-impact leadership talent and specialized skill sets. SPEARHEAD could consider diversifying its services beyond executive and board-level recruitment by including other talent management areas like leadership development or succession planning. The company is also embracing technology solutions to remain competitive and improve its recruitment processes as the executive search industry increasingly relies on technology to identify and attract top talent. Furthermore, SPEARHEAD is actively promoting sustainability goals and diversity objectives as integral parts of its work ethos with the aim of encouraging these values to a wider ecosystem. In addition to headhunting, SPEARHEAD provides a wider range of services such as assessing competitors' talent, auditing clients' talent, advising boards, planning for leadership succession, and assessing culture.