Somya Translators: Famed Experts of Global Linguistic Translation & Interpretation Services

Ajoy Singh, Founder & Managing Director

Ajoy Singh, Founder & Managing Director

Amidst its rich cultural diversities and bountiful linguistic richness, India is by far the definite hub for lingual influences with over 780 languages currently used across its expanse. Poised as a well-established battle-ground for international organizations with the highest international migrants globally (17 million in 2017), the country pillars the world’s largest market for language localization and significant linguistic business opportunities. However, albeit several international and native languages gain spotlight under the translation and interpretation radar, many small but significant languages go unheeded that extensively zeroes-down on plausible business opportunities and relevant growth. Negating issues of such language barriers by throwing open a platform with almost every native and global
language in its basket of expertise, Somya Translators emerged in 2009 under the headship of Ajoy Singh (Founder & Managing Director) who pioneered a distinct path within the industry. Aimed at providing ventured solutions that trigger success in global economy, Somya Translators offers services in over 170 languages irrespective of modality or location.

"We do translate everything and anything from and into any languages"

Matchless Services in Rare Language-Translation
Somya Translators provides unbeatable services in transcription, interpretation, software & website localization, audio/video localization, desktop publishing, and multi-lingual SEO services. Additionally, the company delivers voice-overs & linguistic testing for various software and apps too. Upholding mastery in the field, Somya Translators has earned its merit and carved a recognition for serving some of the top 10 IT companies, governmental bodies, global leaders and some of the top 100 Fortune companies in the country and internationally. Committing to foster skills in translating, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish other native/global languages, the
company ascertains to work as per General Data Protection Regulation (EU)2016/679 (GDPR), maintaining confidentiality and trust among clientele.

As a patron for linguistic-related services, Somya Translators makes use of advanced technologies and linguistic software like Translation work spare, MemoQ, Star Transit, LTB, Xbenc and exclusive CAT tools to deliver precision with maximum customization. Tackling trends like Transcreation, a unique amalgamation of creation with translation for client demands to capture global markets, Somya Translators truly lives up-to its Modus Operandi by conquering the global sea eliminating language barriers for achieving global economic success.

A Stable Future Prospect
The ISO 9001:215 certified company is recognized as a Member of Dun & Bradstreet Information Services and GALA, and holds to its success the Indian Excellence Awards 2017 in HealthCare & Business Sector for ‘Most Trusted Language Service Provider - India’ beside many others. Achieving a revenue growth of 70 percent in the last FY, Somya Translators aims at 120 percent growth this year and anticipates reaching the Rs.100 crore club by 2025.