Solarium Green Energy: Leveraging its Manufacturing Excellence for Ascertaining Utmost Quality & Service

Ankit Garg,  Founder & Director

Ankit Garg

Founder & Director

With a skyrocketing number of installations, the Indian solar energy market is aggressively galloping towards the monumental solar power generation goal of 100 GW by 2022. Not just the quantity, the government has also deployed measures to ensure these installations’ quality. However,there is a serious lack of quality control at the raw material level, because the market is driven by foreign manufacturers, wherein 80 percent of the PV modules the system’s linchpin, are imported mostly from China. To fill this devastating void, Ankit Garg (Founder & Director and an IIT Dhanbad alumnus) established Solarium Green Energy in 2018 as a technology & innovation driven integrated renewable energy company by setting up manufacturing of Solar PV Modules and offering Turnkey EPC and O&M services covering entire spectrum of the solar value chain.

Manufacturing Excellence
Unlike most solar players who dwell within the circle of EPC(Engineering, Procurement & Construction), Solarium integrates all aspects of value chain from manufacturing Solar PV Modules (from 3-385 Watt Peak), mounting structure & water heating systems (100-650 litres) to offering EPC, advisory and O&M packages. Manufacturing around 65 percent
of the components of solar system, the company operates as a single point of contact for its customers, whereas with other EPC players customers have to go through a long chain of intermediaries to get their issues resolved, including warranties. This also permits the company to constantly upgrade its products with latest technologies, thereby enhancing its solar modules efficiency and quality day by day.

Solarium's integrated manufacturing expertise, and inhouse design and engineering team provide an all inclusive approach to developing and managing solar projects, making complex powerfully simple

This unique manufacturing capability empowers Solarium to easily cater to specific requirements, whether it’s amplifying up/down the module’s wattage to meet customer’s space requirements or tailor making the solar mounting structure to dodge the shade prone areas at customer’s site. “After performing site visits, technical & viability survey and shadow analysis, we design a system that gives them a maximum output with minimum investment, ensuring best ROI of project,” delineates Ankit.

Customers can exploit its OPEX model, where Solarium owns & operates the system on customer’s behalf and sells them electricity at a fixed rate. “We act as a consultant and connect the investors with customers seeking
Power Purchase Arrangements. We facilitate all the paperwork and system installation on customer’s site on investor’s behalf,” explains Ankit. Solarium also helps its customers to get bank loans approved and find customers for leasing their solar panels.

Future Roadmap
Solarium’s Turnkey EPC services distinguish them from others as they have strict quality control of major components through inhouse manufacturing setup.This allows their customers to enjoy stress free high quality solar installations.

Solarium is currently developing customizable offgrid systems for higher capacity(ensures a positive effect on environment and much lower operational cost) and building a software that will help synchronize the PV system with customer’s existing diesel generator (reduces generator’s utilization during power cut). It intends to increase the manufacturing capacity of solar PV modules from 40 to 250 Mega Watts and manufacture lithium ion batteries and energy storage solutions. This explains why it intends to build a separate R&D team for its products.

Unlike other players whose main focus is on getting orders, Solarium is concentrating on appointing distributors /dealers to reduce the service time. “With our channel partner program, we’re adding local entrepreneurs who act as a service provider for our products and systems. It’s this focus on service and product quality that bestows us with more sales orders,” concludes Ankit. Having clocked a turnover of Rs.25 crore last year, Solarium anticipates Rs.100 crore in FY 19-20.