SMS Hydrotech: Innovative Swachh Bharat Maven Offering Leading Waste Management Solutions

 Surya V Singh, CEO

Surya V Singh, CEO

When in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the Swachh Bharat Mission and gave the mantra of 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, not many could imagine how it will transpire in the coming years. From individuals and residential colonies to startups and big MNCs, today, everyone wants to contribute their small effort towards placing India among the world’s cleanest countries chart. Though we still have years to go, waste management solutions from companies like SMS Hyrotech is worth talking and using.

Laced with the responsibility of the 3R mantra and a conscious zest to eliminate waste management hassles, S.P Singh (Founder & Chairman) incepted SMS Hydrotech in 1988 as a reputed manufacturer, supplier & exporter of broad range of waste-treating equipment. The company designs and develops high quality and cost-effective waste recycling machines for food/organic/horticulture waste and municipal solid waste shredder in different specifications as per client’s requirements, guaranteeing a 100 percent natural, 24-hour composting process.

Innovative Solutions that are as Easy as Plug & Play
SMS Hydrtotech develops Organic/Food/Horticulture Waste Compost Machine, Horticulture Waste to Biomass Pellets and Municipal Solid Waste Shredders. Unlike compositing machines laced with the critical & lengthy operating method, SMS Hydrotech’s Waste Compositing Machines are plug and play, with zero discharge, compact in size, Siemens Automation, and consumes less electricity that can be supported by solar power. Moreover, these machines have web-server functionalities that can be easily monitored over a website from anywhere, along with the infrastructural features that guarantee reliability, long & sturdy life services with easy installation & usage. Surya V Singh, CEO, SMS Hydrotech, avers, “We ensure no lag in the quality, delivery & service support of our products & services, hence we maintain 24-hour service support and service back-up support available in 20 countries”.

"SMS Hydrotech’s Waste Compositing Machines are plug and play, with zero discharge, compact in size, Siemens Automation, and consumes less electricity that can be supported by solar power"

The Quality-Oriented Company with Moral Values
Backed by rigorous R&D technical team headed by Singh and Surya, who also look after the production, planning, execution & service-support first-hand, SMS Hydrotech guarantees the best waste-disposal management solutions. In compliance with the 2016 waste management rules and regulations floated by MGT & the Ministry of Environment, the company has maintained a list of certificates,
government licenses and lab-testing reports to signify assured services. As a moral obligation, the company keeps a track on poor waste-dumping in illegal locations and informs relevant government bodies. This is why it has over 20,000 followers on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore, the company also propagates training and provides paid consultancy to create awareness among clients on understanding the importance of segregation, the different technologies available in the market and implementing them to resolve these issues. Striding on the success of these services and products, SMS Hydrotech is currently planning to introduce machines that are capable of running on 100 percent solar power & batteries with complete web monitoring and a controlling system.

Serving Executive Clientele
Certified under ISO 9001:2015, the company is known as one of India’s leading manufacturers of waste management machines & services, thereby offering service to executive clientele; some being, Hilton Hotels, Radisson Blu Hotels, Dell, Emirates Golf Club Dubai, the Indian Air-force, the Indian Army, Municipal Corporation of Faridabad, Power Grid Meerut and many more. Ever since the launch of its products in 2011, SMS Hydrotech has witnessed immense growth in support with governmental bodies over the years, earning a $1.7 million sale in the past fiscal year.