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Rajen Kumar,Editor in Chief
Rajen Kumar, Editor in Chief

With providing huge employment opportunities and ensuring regional balance by taking industrialization to rural areas, SME sector employs about 40 percent of India’s workforce and maintains an average growth rate of over 10 percent. Despite being the drivers of the economy, the media has rendered little attention to the challenges faced by the SMEs. Their concerns and issues conveniently get ignored even in the prestigious columns of magazines and newspapers. For long, SMEs have felt the compelling need to voice their concerns. They have pined for a platform which can represent and recognize them for their substantial contribution to India’s growth story.

For these long felt needs, SME WORLD is India’s only magazine dedicated to improve and recognize the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises(MSMEs)ecosystem in the country. It has won wide acclaim for its formidable efforts to address the concerns of the MSMEs in India. Started essentially as a print magazine in August 2008, it eventually graduated to make its digital presence. Completing 10 years, with eight employees, the magazine remained focused and
is today known as 'India's best information and knowledge magazine’ as a singular voice of the sector. Started more as a passion than a commercial proposition, for SME WORLD everything has grown as a natural phenomenon without deviating from its vision.

"SME WORLD is India’s only magazine dedicated to improve and recognize the Micro Small & Medium Enterprises ecosystem in the country"

Moving Beyond Challenges
Indian MSME sector is flooded with a host of challenges like Finance, Technology, Marketing, Corporate Governance, Service Industry, Human Capital, Seminary, Mentoring and Innovation. SME WORLD’s content strives to offer solutions to overcome all the above mentioned challenges by categorically taking up these topics and selecting the relevant writers /contributors to discuss it. It works on merit, original and informative contents and keeps editorial above any commercial provocation. The writers /contributors include industry captains, opinion /decision makers and members of the academia. With the internet ruling the roost in the knowledge arena, the biggest challenge for online content writer is of ingenuity and the dwindling learning process. A dedicated staff through R&D ensures content’s originality at SME WORLD along with an undertaking from the author /contributor that the contents are their original work.

Online video is naturally engaging in an age of surplus information. It is quickly becoming the future of
content marketing and an important means for people to satisfy their information needs. Driven by this technical improvement, SME WORLD is planning to introduce a video segment, offering the readers a strong visual content based on interactions with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and startups that have exemplary achievement to their credit. This adds another dimension to the learning process making the experience more effective as the axiom goes ‘Seeing is believing’.

Leading the Way
The small and micro entrepreneurs and young people who are looking for a career have been regularly subscribing to SME WORLD to acquire information and knowledge. Hundreds of libraries belonging to B-schools, IITs, technical and training institutes subscribe it for their students to remain updated. SME WORLD not only focuses on business profitability and growth but also on ethics and common social welfare. It strives for contentment through steady growth in readership/viewership every year. With worth and value being the high point of its doctrine, the company has been bestowed with various awards like National Level Appreciation Award for Promoting SMEs(2010), Alleem Knowledge Center Award for Excellence, Sharjah (UAE), Udyog Mitra Award (2014), Capital Foundation National Award for Excellence (2016). “The more we work the more passionate we become, results flow automatically,” concludes Rajen Kumar, Editor in Chief, SME WORLD.