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  • 20 Most Promising Online Magazine Websites -2018

    It is old news that the world has gone digital. But what is more interesting to note that, it is the viewership of things and acceptance of digital medium that is giving the conventional mindset a run for its money. Thoughts are more easily expressed digitally and the word is carried faster across the digital wave. Amidst this area  of rapid information and ‘Blink and You Miss’ scenario, an online source of information is imperative that will arm viewers and readers with the knowledge that is on the go. Online magazines are at the front of this paradigm shift, bringing a more welcoming change to readers across the globe, who no longer have to engage in the hassle of print subscription and receive information at the snap of their fingers. By making words more accessible...

20 Most Promising Online Magazine Websites -2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Asian Photography Asian Photography Bhavya Desai, Editor & Group Head A reputed photography magazine creating and developing e-versions for photo-enthusiasts & readers, and providing unique platform to showcase and exhibit their art through exhibitions, contests & conferences
BioSpectrum India BioSpectrum India Ravi Boratkar, Publisher A dual serving web magazine displaying information catering to bio-sciences, life sciences & Healthcare advances, with exclusive video contents and a platform for industry’s insights
Down To Earth Down To Earth Sunita Narain, Editor Provides relevant and critical contents that challenges the status quo with integrity and a global coverage, connecting the local to global developments.
SME WORLD SME WORLD Rajen Kumar, Editor in Chief Provides a dedicated platform to voice the concerns of SMEs for their next level of growth with satisfactory solutions offered by industry experts, eminent writers and contributors.