SK Logistics: Pioneer in Revolutionizing Third-Party Logistics

Dakshesh Shah,CEOHealthcare and Pharma Companies are investing a lot of their revenue in their R&D divisions, which makes them cut back in their storage capacity and other supply chain operations. In recent times, with third-party logistics (3PL), it has become easy for manufacturers to emphasize the product quality and the efficiency of the manufacturing and R&D units. Mumbai-based SK Logistics is the leader in providing 3PL services exclusively to the Pharma and Healthcare sector in India. Operating under the banner of SK Group, an indispensable part of the Indian Pharma sector since 1932, SK Logistics' expertise lies in creating Quality Compliant Infrastructure from conceptualization to its validation & efficient Warehousing services.

Since decades the company has established warehouses and manufacturing facilities to cater to institute-supply, NLEM, stickering, barcoding, and track-n-trace activities. The company offers a variety of 3PL services including central warehousing, CFA and super-distribution, handling of promotional material, and repackaging services. SK Logistics has successfully developed Direct-to-Hospital Models serving on-time hospital requirements as per patient treatment schedules in Maharashtra, India.

SK Logistics ­ Excellence, Precision, and Intelligibility
The company provides in-house project management , end-to-end warehousing, relabeling facility with manufacturing license, end-to-end service KPI visibility, transport and packaging material validation, cold chain Handling , regulatory approval assistance, continuous improvement and cost-reduction. SK Logistics' warehouses are designed to handle varied temperature conditions ranging
from -20°C, 2°C to 25°C. Also, offers the Validated Cold chain boxes solutions which can maintain the product temperatures intact up to 72 hours during transportation.

The company's Governance Matrix propels the organization in adherence to the quality-services, growth, and regulatory and ethical practices. SK Logistics enables its clients and leaders to make the right decisions for continuous improvement through its key performance indicators and quality informations. A data-governance central repository aids in strategic as well as day-to-day operational decisions. SKL provides autonomy to its senior management leaders making them individually accountable and highly efficient. The company provides its employees with skill development opportunities like `Learn and Rise Initiatives' helping them in their continuous improvement for performance and keeping them updated with real-time information about the Pharma and Healthcare sector.

One-stop Solution Purveyor to Pharma and Healthcare
SK Logistics' service KPI and deck-sharing provide its clients with end-to-end visibility and quality monitoring. SKL's belief in quality by design helps in offering infrastructure solutions with storage areas customized as per product-volume and transaction trends. The company's operational efficiency aids in handling returned goods claim settlement in the same month. In case, a client's sales volume increases beyond expectation, SK Logistics have spare areas nearby the actual client storage area for gradual expansion. SKL warehouses are installed with online temperature monitoring systems that are 21CFR compliant providing real-time data just a click away. The ware-houses are strategically located above the normal ground level with well-designed drainages outside as well as inside the facility. The cold-chain products are transported under validated boxes with a data logger that facilitates temperature and location tracking.

SK Logistics foresees opportunities in various aspects of the 3PL industry like cost-competition, accountability, review mechanisms, consistency in regulatory up-gradation, and automation. Fulfilling all these aspects, SK Logistics exuviates its entrants with its transparency with the clients, responsiveness, equity and inclusiveness, and efficacy.SK Logistics has also incorporated new and innovative technologies like SAP, ERP, EBPR, and GMS to offer and maintain its superior quality 3PL services. SKL's QA Head, Operations Head and other departmental Heads have typically more than two decades of experience in their respective fields.

SK Logistics is planning to develop a complete solar-operated cold-storage facility and a six-storey warehouse with a top-notch Warehouse Management System (WMS). SKL projects to cater to ten percent of the total Indian Pharma and Healthcare volume in the upcoming five years. Some of the company's clientele include Sanofi, MSD, Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, Cipla, Glenmark, Kaya, Medtronic, and Avanos. Headquartered in Mumbai, SK Logistics operates from 9 sites widely situated at Maharashtra, Bangalore, Gurugram, and Hyderabad. The company is busy developing a facility in the east that will be operational by 2024 and a further expansion in south India by mid-2021.