S.K. Enterprises: Deploying Diligent Manpower Based on Dynamic Customer-Centric Approach

Krishan Kumar, Director

Krishan Kumar


Despite the proliferating number of corporate office maintenance service providers in our society, the procurement of well-experienced, highly skilled manpower still remains as a daunting task, especially when it comes to sophisticated tasks like data maintenance. Established in 2010, S.K.Enterprises is living up to this dire requirement by proffering diligent manpower (computer operators for monitoring, record keeping and data management) as well as unskilled workforce for a treasure trove of maintenance services. Not just stopping there, its tech-savvy professionals have developed a management system through which they are managing major bus depots of Uttrakhand transport corporation.

However, the root cause of S.K.Enterprise's rise lies in its dynamic customer-centric approach, where it provides services as per clients’ requirements to meet their specific requirements. Krishan Kumar, Director, S.K.Enterprises, illustrates,“We ensure that the required changes in services are made well in time to cope up with the changing business environment.
We use our own corporate office maintenance software to ensure the proper performance and better monitoring of our services”. More over, its team follows a unique model to get client’s feedback to ascertain that the complaints are handled on time without any delay.

Having acquired BCAS Security Clearance, this ISO 9001:2008 certified company ensures uncompromised quality with a dedicated team and a well-built organizational structure

Treasure Trove of Disparate Services
Having acquired BCAS Security Clearance, this ISO 9001:2008 certified company ensures uncompromised quality with a dedicated team and a well-built organizational structure and keenly ascertains that its services are on par with the industry standards.S.K.Enterprises extends its proactive set of manpower services to many esteemed clients (Blue Dart, AAI, Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals & many others).

Ranging from deploying a team of security guards to installation of CCTV cameras and other paraphernalia for security & surveillance, it leaves no stone unturned to meet the clients' requirements in ensuring their safety. With the burgeoning
necessity of depot management and parking management services at bus depots, S.K.Enterprises facilitates bus management, security services, record keeping, parking collection services & electronic generation of parking slips. Attending to the onerous task of logistics, it seamlessly renders sturdy manpower for loading & unloading services and sources delivery staff to its clients. Apart from this, S.K.Enterprises is foraying into the vehicle washing segment with an aim of making the whole washing process and its monitoring automated with an already established client base including Uttrakhand transport corporation, Himachal Pradesh transport corporation and APSRTC.

Upcoming Innovations
Presently engaged in modifying its business proposition to meet the goal of developing customized solutions for a public sector undertaking, SK.Enterprises is proud to have witnessed a growth of 122 percent in the last three years. Its team is engaged proactively in designing a unique & novel software system for a client that would change the way of managing the corporate maintenance services. Currently located at New Delhi, Haridwar, Udaipur, Surat, Ahmedabad & Vijayawada, it has futuristic plans of associating with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, NSDC & other government initiatives and aims to eliminate problems such as improper sanitation, lack of education & others and also has a bigger mission of becoming a global partner of choice for civil aircraft operators.