Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company: Imparting High-Quality & Excellence Water Proofing Solutions for all Structures

R. Sridhar Rao, General Manager

R. Sridhar Rao

General Manager

It is a well known fact that waterproofing is a key component of construction industry. However, with immature players (Fly by night operators)entering the market and offering services at lower costs, and using poor quality material, services & workmanship, the industry perception for quality service is all but fading away. Presenting itself as a specialist enterprise in waterproofing and regaining the trust of the customers, Bangalore based Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company(SVWC)is endeavoring to devise and deliver high quality & excellent solutions for entire structure, starting from substructures to above ground level, terrace, sloping roofs, vertical walls and water bodies(swimming pool, underground & overhead water tanks).

To illustrate, the company is proud to be associated with BITUMAT Company Limited - an ISO certified waterproofing products manufacturer from Dammam, Saudi Arabia which markets its products only through highly reputed organizations who are well versed with the application of its products & systems. In fact, SVWC is considered as one of the best waterproofing service provider in India by BITUMAT, which recognized SVWC with several awards stating as ‘the Best Waterproofing Company’ and furnishes it with several government & semi government projects, as these organizations trust BITUMAT as the symbol of quality.

Recognition Among Clients

“I am associated with BITUMAT since 1986
and served as director & head of its roofing division for a reputed multidivisional company in Oman for nearly two decades. I returned back to India in 2001 with the intention to relax and enjoy for the rest of my life. But since BITUMAT had a high regard for me & my knowledge in the waterproofing space, it insisted me to take-up its distribution in India. Today, we are the only company among all of its dealers in India to undertake projects on PAN India basis,” says R.S Rao, General Manager, Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company. Today, the company offers a wide range of BITUMAT products like Synroof Hi-build, Roof Seal APP modified Torch Applied System, apart from Bitutherm Extruded Polystyrene Insulation boards and PVC Water stops. Leveraging over three decades of his experience, Rao also provides solutions to architects, consultants and the end users on various waterproofing problems.

Leveraging over three decades of his experience, Rao also provides solutions to architects, consultants and the end users on various waterproofing problems

Due to its uncompromised service level, SVWC is recognized by various multinational IT companies in cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kochi and acts as sole vendor PAN India for many of them. Despite serving the huge IT sector, the company has never said no to any commercial, residential projects and even small projects, maintaining the highest standards of quality work and sticking to its policy of not overflowing its plate.

The firm is one-of-its-kind integrator of latest international techniques, developments and innovation that suit local weather conditions and infrastructure. Clearly understanding the disadvantages & advantages of different membranes, SVWC preferring APP(designed for tropical countries like India) & SBS membrane for below & above ground level structures respectively in certain cases. Since APP and SBS preformed membrane come in 1m×10m dimension, they requires proper overlapping for large areas like terrace, swimming pools, and big tanks. SVWC’s best applicators are highly trained, and having decades of experience is the key to the success of the company.

Keeping itself aloof from the number race, the firm takes pride in providing quality services & products, which are way ahead of its competitors. The proof to this is its history of no client complaints, repeat customers, word of mouth publicity and customer referrals. Further, it provides round the clock support services for all the projects irrespective of location. The company that started 15 years back with just Rs.10 lakh revenue today has delivered over 10,000 projects and is over Rs.6 crore entity.