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  • 10 Most Promising Waterproofing Solutions Providers – 2019

    The problem of water leakage & seepage in construction has a double edged sword effect when it initiates corrosion problems in private residential and commercial buildings along with a serious threat to hygiene. Moisture within the buildings can have destruc­tive effects both structurally and on the health of the inhabitants. Waterproofing has been a solu­tion for centuries, but it is now taking a technical shift to ensure not a resolve, but also an automated processing that would be the backbone of the re­paired structure. The first real need of waterproofing dates back to the days of Noahs Ark. The 40 days of incessant rain inspired people to take some course of actions to prevent water from entering their habitat. They used straw, reed, leaves, and others to...

10 Most Promising Waterproofing Solutions Providers – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Apurva India Apurva India Ashok Kate, Managing Director A technologically sound building surface protection solutions provider who brings in innovations to the waterproofing industry and offer more balanced products with intact quality
Aquaseal Waterproofing Solutions Aquaseal Waterproofing Solutions Nakhul. J, Co-Founder, Manish Praksh Bhavnani, Proprietor Offering innovative, reliable & unique waterproofing technique by combining more than two components to provide longer-lasting protection and a more effective solution
Atlantis Engineers Atlantis Engineers Anuj Hamilton & Rahul Kothari, Co-Founders Having huge expertise in the field, proffers best quality, reliable, cost efficient and durable waterproofing solutions as per the clients requirements
BPS Building Protection Systems BPS Building Protection Systems R N Kaura, CEO, Aditya Kaura, Managing Director Connoisseurs primarily undertaking end-to-end waterproofing solutions for new constructions and the repairs of existing buildings with rigorous involvement in finding the latest product innovations/techniques under the waterproofing segment
Fosroc Chemicals India Fosroc Chemicals India Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President Renowned to deliver a full range of global waterproofing solutions from the basement to roof of a building structure ensuring integrity and durability
Nina Waterproofing Systems Nina Waterproofing Systems Pravin Singh, Senior Vice President Holding 50+ years of remarkable experience and thorough understanding of the customers waterproofing requirement, offers cutting edge end-to-end solutions
Priba Waterproofing System Priba Waterproofing System Shital Udani, Founder With over 30+ years of accummulated experience, the leading waterproofing company providing Acrylic Plymer based waterproofing solutions which is tough, water-resistant, elastic, solar reflective and durable
Protect Group Protect Group S.B. Raghunath, Group Chairman & Managing Director A 2015 established firm that excels in offering unique, easiest, and fastest solution for waterproofing while addressing the limitations of conventional waterproofing methods
Renesco India Renesco India Sanjay Kumar, Managing Director A leading waterproofing service provider, that excels in offering best-in-class structural waterproofing & injections/grouting services across PAN India, Renesco India is the only company executed 100 MT of Injection Polyurethane at a single project.
Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company R. Sridhar Rao, General Manager Endeavors to devise and deliver highquality & excellent water proofing solutions for entire structure starting from below & above ground level, terrace, wall and water bodies