Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company: A Pioneer in Maintaining the Highest Standards of Waterproofing pan-India

R. Sridhar Rao,General Manager

R. Sridhar Rao

General Manager

A progressive country with sophisticated infra-structure and modernized constructions across the cities, India hosts a vibrant and modish construction industry. Being a monsoon-favored country, India receives heavy rainfall every year leading to the elevated demand for advanced waterproofing technologies in the market. Growing at a CAGR of 20 percent, the waterproofing industry of India is estimated to be a market of INR 5000 crores and hosts many key players with imperative waterproofing solutions and products.

One such name is Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company (SVWC) which is regarded as a pioneer in the industry due to its adoption of innovative and unique water-resistant technologies. Set up by Mr.R. Sridhar Rao associated with Bitumat Company limited since 1986 to establish Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company (SVWC), a name which has been in the waterproofing field for over three decades now.

Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company is a one-of-its-kind integrator of the latest international techniques, developments and innovations that suit local weather conditions and infrastructure. Clearly understanding the disadvantages and advantages of different systems, SVWC prefers APP (designed for tropical countries like India) & SBS membrane for cold countries. Since APP and SBS pre-formed membrane requires perfect overlapping and torching for large areas of substructures and the terraces, Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company has highly
experienced applicators who are well trained with decades of experience are the assets of this company.

"SVWC provides a variety of waterproofing services and high-quality roofing solutions. Their various services include cold applied systems with SYNROOF HI-BUILD, Torch applied systems like ROOFSEAL, Thermal insulations with BituTherm, and PVC WATER-STOPS. BITUMAT SYNROOF HI-BUILD is an elastomeric, high solids, high viscosity premium quality acrylic coating enabling the roof to be a `cool roof system'. BITUMAT ROOFSEAL membranes is ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications including roofs, basements, Podium slabs, tunnels, car parks, and reservoirs.

BITU-MAT BituTherms are extruded poly-styrene thermal insulation boards that can be used for Roofs, Walls or even Basement. BITUMAT PVC WATER-STOPS are produced from Polyvinyl-chloride resin, stabilizer, plasticizer, antioxidant dye stuff at a suitable temperature and pressure in extruders. They are highly flexible, strong, resilient, weather-resistant and unaffected by low temperatures or constant immersion in water," states Mr. Rao, General Manager, Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company (SVWC).

SVWC has exclusive rights for marketing Bitumat's products in Karnataka State and in a span of just 15 years, SVWC has executed hundreds of prestigious projects in Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Pune, Ahmednagar, Nagpur, and Kolkata. Currently one of India's most trusted, reputed and quality Waterproofing contractors, SVWC is proud to be associated with Bitumat Company who are the leading manufacturers of waterproofing products in the world having manufacturing facility in Dammam - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SVWC has earned the name as the `Best Water Proofing Company' in Karnataka State serving various government & semi-government projects as these organizations trust BI-TUMAT as the symbol of quality. Due to its uncompromised quality of work and excellent service level, SVWC is highly recognized by many multinational IT companies in cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune & Kochi.

Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company is way ahead of its competitors and firmly believes in materials quality and workmanship. The proof to this is the number of appreciations received from the customers with no client complaints, repeat customers, word-of-mouth publicity and customer referrals.

Another specialty of this company is it provides round the clock support services for all the projects irrespective of location. The company that started 15 years back with just Rs.10 lakh revenue has now delivered over 13,000 projects and is over Rs.9.00 crore entity today. It is noticed that Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company is the only enterprise among all Bitumat dealers in India to undertake projects on a PAN India basis.