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  • 10 Most Promising Waterproofing Solution Providers - 2020

    The renowned PR Newswire Association states that the Indian waterproofing market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 11+ percentage in the period of 2019-2025, growing with the government initiatives of development of smart city projects in the different regions of the country. For successful waterproofing solutions, there are requisites like liquid component and powder component. While the liquid component provides the acrylic emulsion, the powder component functions as the forming chemicals and fillers with polymer-modified cement. The main needs for waterproofing are protecting interiors and exteriors of structures from significant damage. Waterproofing leads to the solution of cracks, protects paints, keeps away air contaminants, and also protects residents from health problems....

10 Most Promising Waterproofing Solution Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aditya Enterprises Aditya Enterprises Vineet Saluja and Pradeep Sharma, Directors The company offers waterproofing solution of the highest quality with resistance of water and waterproof in liquid state.
DR Infra Solutions DR Infra Solutions Ankit Dugar, CEO The firm delivers waterproofing services for terrace, bathroom, water tank, swimming pool, fountain, and open areas.
ESSARtech ESSARtech Rajesh Jha, Co-Founder Renowned for providing services in terrace waterproofing, waterbody waterproofing, wet areas, temperature variation areas, expansion joints, specialized industrial coatings and other services.
Infinity Concrete Protection Solutions Infinity Concrete Protection Solutions Gopal Pancholia, Owner It provides waterproofing services in foundations, basements, facades, roofs and roof gardens, bathrooms, kitchens, and water bodies.
Micro Tech Water Proofing Solutions Micro Tech Water Proofing Solutions Ashraf Ali, Founder The firm offers waterproofing through waterproofing contractors, bathroom waterproofing, internal wall waterproofing, external wall waterproofing, and water tank waterproofing.
Protect Group Protect Group Ananad MA, Director Protect group got incepted with a vision to provide engineering solutions for various problems related to different walks of society.
Redwop Chemicals Redwop Chemicals Manish Vithalbhai Nakrani, Director The firm has products like redoseal, mazik coat, epmortar er, recliner, polycote cwp, teratile platinum, injectofil, teratile silver and but a bond sbr for waterproofing.
Sainamana Enterprises Sainamana Enterprises Mittapalle Nageswara Reddy, CEO It delivers solutions in garden waterproofing, home automation, building crack treatments, terrace waterproofing, STP & water tank waterproofing, and Swimming Pool Waterproofing.
Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company Silicon Valley Waterproofing Company R. Sridhar Rao, General Manager The firm is a one-of-its-kind integrator of the latest international techniques, developments and innovations that suit local weather conditions and infrastructure.
SNP   Dry Shield SNP Dry Shield Sandeep Chaudhry, Founder It offers dry shield for terrace and balconies, basement, wet areas, terrace gardens and podiums, swimming pools and water storage tanks.