SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE: Discovering Shelf Life & Quality Standards of F&B in Accurate & Precise Way

Rahul Gupta, CEOThere are several possibilities of food being unsuitable for consumption due to contaminated raw materials, unhygienic conditions of food preparation and improper ways of food handling. However, ensuring food & beverages (F&B) remain stable during the required shelf life is critical for consumers, yet food manufacturers experience difficulties in this area. Having identified the need of the hour, the Delhi-headquartered SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE (STRC) aids customers in determining the expected shelf life and quality standards of F&B in more accurate and precise manner. “Our shelf life testing helps manufacturers recognize how their food product performs over time and identify the changes to ingredients, packaging, or to other contributory factors that elongate shelf life and increase profit,” avers Rahul Gupta, CEO, SIGMA TEST & RESEARCH CENTRE.

This fully-serviced analytical laboratory specializes in
microbiological analysis for the F&B and environmental industries, and has extensive experience in resolving processing problems (spoilage/pathogen contamination), assisting with regulatory matters (USDA or FDA detained product), providing accurate results for HACCP or customer requirement and testing of FDA detention seafood imports and Pathogen Analysis. Equipped with credible technocrat educationists (having 30+ years of experiences), STRC supports its clients with various innovative & exceptional analytical processes involving sugar profile, GMO food & gluten free test, fatty acid, vitamins, minerals and trans fats composition analysis, cholesterol estimation and stability testing.

"Equipped with credible technocrat educationists (having 30+ years of experiences), STRC supports its clients with various innovative & exceptional analytical processes"

Delighting Customers
The increased use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides in farming demands for the quality check of food items and STRC offers trace level of pesticide and chemical residue analysis for agro products, processed foods, water and other products complying with the maximum residue levels set by different countries. Advance instruments like mass spectrometers, IR spectroscopy and chromatography and technologies
(LC-ICP-MS,LC-QQQ and GC-QQQ) are utilized by the chemists to trace level of detection and identification of unknown residues depending upon the sample and application.

To further enhance the customer experience, the firm implements highly sophisticated methodologies and computerized data management system that not only aid industries & organizations of all sizes to achieve predictable and improved product quality level but also reduces the turnaround time & cost associated with testing integrity requirements. Its state-of-the-art laboratory spread over 10,000 sq. ft. posh commercial premises in heart of Delhi (India) that adheres to national and international standards and guidelines such as NABL and FSSAI ensures quality control and accurate assessment. Alongside, the laboratory has got testing facility in line with the requirements of international regulatory agencies USFDA for analysis of pharmaceutical and food products. “We are continually expanding our capability to cover increasingly broad range of standards,” adds Rahul.

In the coming future, STRC endeavors to develop add-on techniques and modules to assist F&B startups in understanding the true essence of testing and its importance for this particular industry. Meanwhile, the company also aims to spread awareness on how testing can help the F&B brands in their growth.