Shree Recyclers: Reaping Success in e-Waste Management by Deploying 3R Policy

Vineet Biyani, CEOEvery year, India churns out more than two million tons of e-Waste, which is expected to cross five million tons by 2020. Today, India is one of the largest global dumpsters for e-Waste and ranks fifth among e-Waste producing countries after the US, China, Japan and Germany. e-Waste if stored and not dismantled is not just hazardous but the problem also lies in improper handling. Unfortunately, India is still ill equipped to handle e-Waste recycling wherein 95 percent of e-Waste is recycled in the informal sector and in a crude manner. Due to unscientific way, these hard to jettison wastes pollute land, air & water, and thus cause serious health/environmental issues.

Setting new benchmark in offering highly efficient e-Waste recycling services and changing the picture of e-Waste management in the country is Shree Recyclers a vertical of SR Groups. This 2015 founded company not just extracts IT dead wastes like computer, laptop, mobile phone and wires but also accomplishes data destruction in a safe environment. Shree Recyclers has travelled a long path in E-waste Management Industry. Further more, they are registered with SEEPZ SEZ and are in discussion with Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board to suggest various e-Waste management solutions for the state.
A Safe Recycling
Even though e-Waste management is a nascent market in India, the increasing awareness about environmental concerns seeks proper disposal of the discarded electronic assets. This is where Shree Recyclers comes into the game and manages the e-Waste by deploying 3Rs(Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) policy where it collects wastes from companies all over India,processes & treats them in its authorized facility. Striving to clean up the country at large, this Pune based firm even goes to the remote areas to fetch small quantity waste from their regular Corporate Cleints. For instance, Suzlon Energy has its presence in remote locations across India wherein each unit spawns small volume of e-Waste. Shree Recyclers coordinated with each location and collected waste as per client’s convenience, overcoming the barrier of logistic. “Logistics of small quantity is a big challenge but where there is a will, there is a way,” says Vineet Biyani.

Shree Recyclers appeases its clients by subjecting to necessary recyclers (battery) and regulatory bodies (CHWTSD) in order to aptly process the waste and offer a value to them

Alongside, the herculean task of data destruction is done with the aid of magnetic storage media degausser that abolishes entire information on hard disks, floppies, tapes and magnetic cards while exposing them in a strong magnetic field. Shree Recyclers appeases its clients by subjecting to necessary recyclers (battery) and regulatory bodies(CHWTSD)in order to aptly process the waste and offer a value to them while eliminating hazards from their premises.

On the flip side, Shree Recyclers also takes up the social responsibility of creating awareness about e-Waste. In this lieu, the company not only works as a team with several NGOs, municipal corporations, and corporate CSR functioning in e-Wastefield but also conducts various presentation & seminars in educational institutions like Birla Institute of Technology, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Symbiosis and many others. Strictly following the Government guidelines, Shree Recyclers is now with new management. Mr Lokesh Kasat and Mr Pankaj Kasat who have taken over the company have rich experience in refurbishment of IT waste. “We can offer IT products (refurbished & new) like Computer, Laptop and Printers in a very attractive rates” concludes Lokesh.