Sheng Li Telecom: Offering Unparalleled Internet Speed at Unmatched Price

Dwayne Periera, Director

Dwayne Periera


‘Being at the Right Place at the Right Time’ is the mantra for success. But what keeps this success going on is the ability to keep the spirit higher and follow the passion with which you kick started. Sheng Li Telecom followed the same thumb rule but with little more commitment, hence this newly formed organization has emerged as one of the best ISP providers actively involved in various telecommunication related services and infrastructure. Tapping on the digital revolution and increasing internet penetration, the company entered the ISP business with major focus on customer satisfaction and VAS (value added services) for B2B and B2C segments, offering around 250 Mbps, helping the company spread it wings in six states in no time.

Sheng Li believes that it is its quality of service and flexibility with which it works with its local partners that has led to such expansion. Working towards offering faster penetration to serve different segments in terms of location, class of users and to have infrastructure with redundancy to
ensure the best up time, will help the company grow its roots deeper into the ISP soil already being Class A ISP..“We are here to stay long and wish to reiterate that we follow the legal norms of ISPs, which we feel are extremely necessary not only considering security threats, but also the legitimate tax structure for this business,” says Dwayne Periera, Director , Sheng Li Telecom.

Sheng Li has crafted a disciplined yet simple practices to make a robust and secure network, right from multilevel authentication to data security against any threat

It's all about Customer & Service

In shut-eye time, Sheng Li managed to overcome several teething problems related to power, speed issues & failure, mainly during rainy season by installing power backups, redundant fiber paths, upgrading to high end 10gigabit distribution networks.“We are working with various partnerships and outsourcing models to keep our customers and their branches happy,” adds Dwayne. Being well connected with major CDN platforms helps Sheng Li to offer the best customer satisfaction compared to its peers. Additionally, flexible plans have empowered customers to choose
exactly what they want.“We have various options of leased lines as well as customized plans for enterprise customers based on their need which are wallet friendly and will serve customers with specific requirements,” asserts Dwayne.

Believing that security is a process rather than one time job, Sheng Li has crafted a disciplined yet simple practices to make a robust and secure network, right from multilevel authentication to data security against any threat. Under its subscription plans, the company also offers antivirus to customers. As a social responsibility, the company has even partnered with police stations and arranged sessions for some schools to highlight dos and do nots to safeguard their internet security. Adding further to security, the 24/7 customer care center addresses level 1 issues, while NOC monitors and maintains equipment, and a management system monitors link performance & notifies the department involved in case of infringement.

With time, the company has gained expertise in process management, right from procurement to delivery and have documented it for ISO/TUV certification shortly. Going forward, we will see several VAS offerings, IoT solutions and smart city solutions from Sheng Li. Realizing 300 percent growth till now, with the forecast and the expansion already in pipeline, Sheng Li expects revenue to jump to 900 percent by next financial year. “We hope that the services will go forward a more legal framework,” concludes Dwayne .