• Kenstar Broadband: Offering three Lifelines to Ensure 24x7 Internet Connectivity
  • Kenstar Broadband: Offering three Lifelines to Ensure 24x7 Internet Connectivity

    “I bet I or any person with little technical knowledge can hack into any customer’s computer of the local ISPs that use a vulnerable and unsecured LAN kind of network. Simply run the software called ‘Advanced IP scanner’ and you will find all the computers of these ISPs in front of you, ready to be hacked!” proclaims Kenstar Web Solutions Pvt Ltd’ Managing Director Dr. Javeed Siddiqui who has also done Ph.D in I.T Management. But Kenstar’s network is secured by high end Layer 3 and Layer 2 manageable switches of brands like CISCO and Juniper, making it impossible for hackers to intrude. “We have invested heavily on technology to ensure complete safety of customer’s privacy and security by ensuring that there are no intruders or hackers that can enter their computers,...


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