Seven Star Websolutions: Modeling Digital Marketing Solutions for Online Reputation Management

Rohit Bisht,Co-Founder

Rohit Bisht


Lately, the initial first glance of every little minutia is determined by its virtual presence. From an exposure by national news to obnoxious online reviews, all fine points go viral at a phenomenal speed. But if this fanfare multiplies in bleak light, the reputation value certainly hits the bottom line. Negative link is like a glitch, more it divides more it takes you down, especially at online forums; however, the fix of this negative link removal is proffered by Delhi-based Seven Star Websolutions (a digital marketing company providing online reputation management services). After thorough research and planning strategies for content marketing, video marketing and press releases, the company overturns the negative situation and keeps the client’s prestige intact. “Taking advantage of our service, many celeb & corporate panjandrums, shopping portals and campaigns suppressed negativism on their social media and improved their online presence,” asserts Rohit Bisht, Co-Founder, Seven Star Websolutions.

A Key for Reputation Management
Entrenched in 2011, Seven Star delivers one-stop-solution for web development, mobile app development, SEO strategies and Social Media Optimization (SMO). While saliently offering SEO service for proliferating website promotion, online
reputation management and customer engagement, Seven Star’s SMO solution is what attracts clienteles corresponding to its SEO service. Experts target specific audiences, time slots & interests and know exactly how to post an ad/marketing campaigns on a social media page, thus intensifying client’s digital magnetism. Everything, from designing web templates to complex mobile applications, is developed in-house ensuring that clients receive cent percent results of what he pays; while simultaneously following the paper performance model (charging cost for documented work only), a paradigm unique to Seven Star services.

Seven Star provides customized plans and research oriented suggestions for customers to enhance their digital portals so that they gain first-page visibility in search engine results

The company provides customized plans and research oriented suggestions for customers to enhance their digital portals so that they gain first-page visibility in search engine results. Addressing client’s apprehension of website hacking, malwares and maintenance issues, Seven Star dwells deep to discover loopholes that usually involves code coping by freelancers. Rohit adds, “Such loopholes evolve because of the association with third party. Upgrades are generated from their end but these small developers fail to deliver after sales support provided which no upgrade implementation results in malwares development, thus
counter feiting data security”.
Seven Star’s team of experienced developers provides all the codes and plug-ins in hand-written format, hence no dependence on third party.

Walking in hand with Personnel
This ISO 9000:2015, Zain (Articles of Association)and Google AdWords certified company leverages technologies like WordPress, Magento, Microsoft Dot Net, Joomla, Cake Php for web development and native & hybrid mobile for mapping, targeting and e-Commerce app development. Catering to more than 300 clients across US, Canada, Middle-East and Germany, Seven Star will be launching its digitally procured product in the upcoming months, expand its services in the Indian geographies and envisions to become one of the most sought after digital marketing companies in India.

Neha Bisht,Founder

The employee oriented company targets to augment Seven Star’s team size to 300+ by 2020. “When the employees grow, the company grows as well. We have made our own CRMs which we are using to see the KPIs of each employee, in-house only. Employees have faith in us & in return we provide them ample opportunities to grow and carry a healthy employee-employer relationship,” signs off Rohit.