Serenity Surrender: Treating the Root Cause with Inner Power

Shivi Dua,Founder & Director

Shivi Dua

Founder & Director

Parenting is a beautiful process that is meant not only to facilitate the child’s but also the parent’s growth. “Parents who have had unresolved issues in their childhood face similar issues through their child later,” explains Shivi Dua, Founder & Director, Serenity Surrender (SS). The company enables all mothers/fathers to work on themselves, and not the child, because their own inner growth is truly the best contribution they can make to the lives of those they are connected with. SS teaches its participants the most powerful way of dealing with situations and attaining inner peace, happiness & contentment in life, while constantly moving towards progress. Those who follow this are able to see their child coming out of even incurable diseases, because SS is not only a healing modality but a truly holistic way of looking at and understanding life.

Embracing Life Challenges with Positivity
SS believes that supreme power is residing within the individual, and it carries the seeds of solutions to all the problems. It solves the root-cause of children’s problems, whether it’s lack of focus to study well due to hyperactive nature, intense fear of darkness, bad eating habits or the problem of expressing themselves well. It also helps parents who attempt to understand the right amount of assertiveness when interacting with their teenager and those who find it difficult to trust that the child is grown up enough to take the right decisions for him /herself. SS teaches the true meaning of positivity in life – a positive outlook to life that doesn’t eliminate challenges or negativity, but embraces it.

"The process of teaching & learning goes hand in hand, workshops are conducted in such a way that facilitators end up learning a new dimension of themselves"

Accordingly, SS parenting workshops ‘Enrichment through Parenting’ & ‘Understanding Parenting’ equip parents to deal with any parenting issues that they might face in the future. Its children workshop facilitates in tackling the problems at both the ends (parents & children), thus establishing a more harmonious parent-child relationship. Shivi’s second book, ‘Let Go Mom...I will be Fine’ provides a fresh perspective to parents, while her other book ‘Eternity’ combines higher wisdom with real life examples of healing.
Amidst the 23 workshops, Shivi has trained trainers to teach 12 while she conducts the remaining 11 workshops. With an understanding of life and the power that everyone has within to recreate our lives, she wrote the book ‘Let the Power be with You’(published by Wisdom Tree), which went on to become an integral part of the basic workshop. The process of teaching & learning goes hand in hand, workshops are conducted in such a way that facilitators end up learning a new dimension of themselves.

The Success Story
Witnessing her daughter benefit more from energy work than from any medication led Shivi to wonder about the presence of something that is not perceivable by the physical senses and gradually move towards understanding the subtle energies. As those she healed experienced immense liberation from their sufferings and wanted to learn this work, SS came into being and delivered its first workshop in 2010 with just four participants. Having facilitated the empowerment of hundreds of people, the company now has reached to 1000 participants including 50 trainers & therapists worldwide (UK, US, Muscat, Dubai, Singapore & Australia). “Our journey is being chalked out deep inside. SS teaches one to heal self for keep aligning oneself with one’s journey to be able to reach his/her full potential,” concludes Shivi who follows the same ideology for carving out SS’ future roadmap.