Search 4 Excellence: Providing Training to Reach the Unparalleled & Unmatched Potential

Shohrat Shankar, Founder Good organisations are usually based upon their unique products or their marketing strategies, but great organisations can find their core in a highly developed and empowered workforce that can execute every job to ensure its progressive journey. Not one, but an amalgamation of qualities build an exemplary workforce and Pune-based Search 4 Excellence (S4E) has time and again crafted such talented employees that prove to be an asset to their employers. With a highly affluent clientele of over 50 companies like ICICI Bank, Honeywell, Sandvik Asia, John Deere and many more, founder Shohrat Shankar believes that S4E empowers the workers to overcome their drawbacks by breaking the shackles of the conventional norms and develop their skills. Its range of trainers and consultants reach out to assorted clients from various sectors, and offer training from entry level workshops to mid-level workshops and leadership workshops, and help them build up on their soft skills and emotion-based intelligence as well.

Breaking the Walls
“The journey has been rocky,”recalls Shohrat who inspired

S4E helps several employees tide over their personal shortcomings through its Assessment & Coaching Program, Organizational Consulting, Corporate Training and numerous workshops

by his own hardships(brought on by his shy nature & timidness) founded S4E. Today,the company helps several employees tide over their personal shortcomings through its Assessment & Coaching Program, Organizational Consulting, Corporate Training and numerous workshops. The S4E team helps professionals located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore,Indore, Hyderabad and Dubai diagnose and plan strategies towards clients’ organizational development through their assessment plans, open dialogue, group discussion and skill enhancement programs. On the other hand, S4E’s corporate trainings add a professional touch to the personal development of workers by helping them apply the key industrial concepts to their day-to-day activities. Since one size never fits all, S4E customizes its programmes to meet specific needs of every participant in the form of workshops such as Leadership Development Program, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and Passionate Presenter to name a few. Coaching by the highly trained consultants when clubbed with regular assessments, make a
powerful advancement towards the employee’s success as it not only helps the individual understand their strengths along with areas of development, but also polishes them for further scalability.

These services are not merely provided as a part of a service package.The S4E team approaches its training methodologies as a way to POWER: Prepare One self to Win, Empower, and Realize one’s true potential. Taking the modules beyond the simple concept of training, S4E looks at it as a program that is charted out post diagnosing the needs of training, designing and then creating a high energy engagement & interactive atmosphere to ensure measurable outcomes and a positive impact. “We believe that if the participant is not engaged, he/she won't learn,” explains Shohrat. No wonder these programs have received immense appreciation from their clients.

In the spirit of diversity, S4E has a healthy mix of gender, universities, and different cultures in the team. The team has a mix of members holding various masters such as Masters in Industrial Psychology, Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy and Masters in Human Resources as they bear sound knowledge of the development & dynamics of individuals as well as organizations. With such an able team, S4E ensures that they deliver highly effective workshops year after year. “We plan on building more robust leadership development programs and launching open workshops for individuals soon,” concludes Shohrat.