Sanjeev Tiwari: Fostering Organizations & Individuals to Abort Dynamic Business Challenges

Sanjeev Tiwari,FounderChange and risks are intrinsic within any firm's given industry, especially in this technology and innovation-driven era, where the global business dynamics is being overhauled at a constant pace. Establishing a sustainable business model and supporting it with advanced business & leadership skills is the only way to avoiding any approaching business risks and setbacks. Thankfully, business coaches are extensively lending a greater hand in helping businesses mitigate any such challenges- embellishing the organizations, teams and individuals with effective developmental business skills and change management. According to the IBISWorld's research reports, the Business Coaching industry market size is estimated to be $11.6bn in 2021.

Sanjeev Tiwari, a borne leader & pioneering business coach is a significant part of this industry. A Bachelor of Science (Zoology, Botany & Chemistry), and MBA (marketing/ Marketing Management) by education, Sanjeev is a certified Change Management Leader, Professional & Psychology Counsellor, NLP Master Practitioner, and more from recognized bodies like Alison Complementary Therapists Accredited Association, Achology, and others. Having worked across the diverse industry verticals like Telematics & IT Services, FMCG, Automobile, Gifting (Retail & Corporate), Training & Counseling within the Indian market, he holds extensive experience of over 19 years of experience (in areas like sales strategic planning, and managing daily sales operations) which help her discern the business requirements and devise counselling & training programs that help achieve success.
Entrenched in 2018, Consult Sanjeev T is his Consulting, Training & Planning initiation venture through which he strives for transformation- acting as the guiding light for the current hard-pressed organizational leaders, teams and individuals to work together and improve themselves.

The firm addresses extensive topics like- Transformational Coaching, Behavioural & Personality Coaching, Executive & Team Development, Entrepreneurial Attitude, Management & Leadership Styles, Strategy Coaching, and others. However, it is its consultant team (relished from diverse backgrounds, age & experience) who having strong professional background add value to the corporate's coaching goals. Sanjeev says, `A coach is a coach, but what differentiates one from the other is their unique coaching methodology they follow to address each person's problems. I go by the phrase~ Change is Good, however coaching people to get acquainted to change is never a plain sailing task. My purpose is quite simple, leading the participants to attain peace with inner-self, become confident, empowered, have life positivity, and build strategic knowledge'.

Confidence that begets influence, Sanjeev takes a amazing deal of delight and pleasure in guiding others to paintings collectively to enhance themselves and their community

Quality Consulting & Coaching Methodologies
Sanjeev says, "I believe in DLI (Discern, Learn, and Integrate) theory. While discerning acquaints us with other person's needs, keeping aside our thinking, learning helps us to recognize and manage our own habits of mind in order to be fully present in every interaction, rather than relying on received formulas. This information together leads us to integrate our own efforts to become more mindful into the development work we do with others. The Level of Commitment has to be very high in this process. Also, the Bond of Trust is again very important aspect, hence one should be proactive when the coach is being co-active to help. Enrolment should start once you have accepted that you need a Change.

In this COVID-19 times, where the processes are being digitally augmented, Sanjeev plans to convert most of the programs to online. Helping the participants track their development, building new skillsets and refurbishing the business models, Sanjeev has helped numerous organizations in variegated capacities. Its niche approach and selective process of working has bestowed it with half a million clients currently, while establishing a great rapport he wants to soar high with Consult Sanjeev T. `Our business model is about having Consulting Partners, Senior and Junior Consultants with us, hence, maintaining a long term association with the client is what matters the most', he adds.