Samvid Search: Leveraging Domain Expertise to Get the Right Talent Onboard

Jitendra Kumar,   DirectorIn the current age of competition, organizations around the globe are searching for possible opportunities to alleviate operational costs and increase efficiency. Companies need to deal with high pressure of cost reduction, employee disengagement and high attrition rates along with the need to ensure that each employee works at the right position for maximizing the benefits of the company. Human Resource Consultants offer a range of general and specific advice to businesses that help optimize the effort. Hence, it is important to choose someone who will invest time in getting to know the company and have a significant and positive impact on the growth.

Based out of Noida and established in 2020, Samvid Search is a human resource consulting firm that provides the right talent to the companies through tailormade solutions. The organization trains people to enable them to meet the ever-increasing demands of the competitive corporate world. Range of services offered by Samvid Search include executive search, leadership hiring, branding for companies, training services for educational institutes, universities, NGOs, government and corporate sector, tech start up hiring to help make smart strategic hiring choices and international hiring. “Samvid Search understands the industry and clients’ needs and we spend more time with them to be able to provide customized solutions.
We organize internal training and utilize innovative tools and technology to enable organizational growth”, says Jitendra Kumar, Director of Samvid Search.

What differentiates Samvid Search from other players in the market is that it has extensive domain knowledge and data base from Pan-India level which helps it leverage the network to provide right talent. The organization has seasoned professionals who recognize the profile of a successful candidate and can evaluate a candidate’s experience and potential performance in a given industry. The team at Samvid Search comprises of professionals from various industry verticals such as engineering and MBA which helps it provide 360-degree recruitment solutions to various IT and non-IT industries in India and abroad. “We carry out extensive research and utilize in depth market knowledge to provide best solutions to our clients. Providing assured quality service is our priority and for this we try to bring in perfect match and solutions for our clients”, adds Jitendra.

Samvid search Is committed to Building outstanding Management teams For clients & provide Tailored solutions to Compete in the global Market

Samvid Search provides a wide range of services in the entire spectrum of Electric Vehicle (EV) Healthcare, Ed tech, Gaming, Fin tech, Auto tech, IOT, OTT, Logistics, Media, SAAS and more. The organization has managed to gain elite clientele through its impeccable service, which includes Jindal Group, Berger Nippon Paints Automotive (BNPA), DIMTS, AVIZ Network, General Energy Management System, Beurer India and others. Samvid Search strives to mitigate the complexity associated with recruitment process for companies and drive growth of the firms. This is largely made possible due to long term commitments, credibility, ability to take on large number of searches in parallel, and generic IT and technical understanding.

Samvid Search has seen exponential growth in the market and has become one of the top research firms in Human Resource sector. The organization aims to expand its business in all the major and metro cities in India. The firm also wants to increase its manpower from the current 25 to 150 people in the next five years. Samvid Search aims to keep growing and providing services on its path to becoming one of the most sought after Human Resource Consulting firms in the country.