Saiwai Translation Services: Assigns Native Professionals to Provide Translation Services

Ashwini Hendre, Founder & MD

Ashwini Hendre

Founder & MD

Translation and culture are intertwined, and if segregated can be a huge loss for business as translation without cultural context results in documents that may some times reflect different meaning (may be culturally or ethically), thus hurting the sentiments of the nation. Only enterprise that steep in the cultures of both source language and target language is able to make an exact and meaningful business translation; thereby assisting the companies to reach a multivariate global audience and enhance their business growth.

Saiwai Translation Services (STS) is one such company that always takes the cultural context into account while translating the documents. Unlike others, STS assigns the translation projects to only qualified, certified/accredited translators with technical & translation expertise & proof readers who have extensive working experience in the relevant industry or have undergone specialized training, and translate exclusively in their own native tongue.

This bootstrap company lays immense emphasis on the highly skilled team and innovative technologies. Its team of 1200+ freelancers comprises of experienced translators, proofreaders, engineers, and highly trained professionals who toil to establish strong long-term relationships with leading
companies in engineering as well as the manufacturing and IT industries. The translators are highly vetted through a step-by-step quality check process before hiring, to ensure that they pose all the essential language-related qualifications. Additionally, each translator must satisfy STS’s testing requirements before being entrusted with assignments.

Its strong native based translators and proofreaders guarantee that the target document read like original documents and thoroughly checks all translations for accuracy & fluency to acquire the highest quality standards

“We have the knowledge and experience to manage global projects from one central point, though the translators are based in their native countries and communicate with STS via internet,” avers Ashwini Hendre, Founder & MD, Saiwai Translation Services. This turns out to be a considerable advantage for clients as they do not have to work with multiple suppliers and have direct access to translators, while the latest tools enable STS to achieve consistency of style and terminology in translations. “We consider translators as the strength of our business and we always give them credit (on receiving the positive feedback) and respect them for their contribution & dedication to work,” adds Ashwini. STS has been ranked in the top 50 translation companies amongst the 22,000 global translation companies by the industry’s leading workplace organization on the basis of translator’s interest of working.
Extraordinary Services

STS specializes in translating technical, business & finance, legal, medical, patent and website content in all Asian, European and Indian languages. On top of this, its built-in technology platform facilitates human translators to ship faster and accurate translations, reducing the cost and turnaround time. Its strong native based translators and proof readers guarantee that the target document read like original documents and thoroughly checks all translations for accuracy &fluency to acquire the highest quality standards. STS assigns translation memory technology & advance CAT tools to boost the consistency of style and terminology in translations along with minimizing the overall delivering cost, and signing NDA with freelancers further ensures confidentiality. The combination of the advance technology and extraordinary flexibility empower STS to deliver ultra-reliable professional translation service that its regular customers value. Through its 13 years of industry domination, STS has proved its expertise to successfully engage with various multinational and Fortune 500 companies based in U.S., Asia and European countries.

Future Roadmap
Through its strong domain expertise and flexible methods of service delivery, STS has established it self as a responsible, dynamic, ambitious, ethical and pro-active multilingual translation service provider across the globe. Successfully serving global companies in high-tech fields like government entities, legal firms, medical, IT, healthcare and many more, STS witnessed a 20 percent sales growth from last year, and is looking forward to tend services like interpretation, transcription, voice over, localization and many more in the coming year.