RR Business Services: On a Mission to Not Selling Services, but Deliver Results

Jayashree Shreeraam, Founder, ,Prabakaran Sivamani, Partner

Jayashree Shreeraam, Founder,

Prabakaran Sivamani, Partner

MSMEs face the dual challenge of growing their business and controlling costs. Trapped between spreadsheets, outstanding payments & invoicing issues, system problem, tracking information flow, sustainability reporting, hiring and managing& monitoring administrative staff, and still spending lengths of time dealing with accounting and reporting issues, these entrepreneurs are left with no time to focus on core business processes. Moreover, finance and HR functions eat more than 87 per cent of their time in processing routine transactions.In such an environment, outsourcing is indeed the most practical solution. The outsourced finance & accounting (F&A) services take care of payroll, handle HR Compliance, and service accounts receivable and payable using trained professionals & accounting software of company’s choice. This considerably saves time, efforts and costs invested on time-consuming processes & functions, allowing MSME owners to better invest their resources on more rewarding, revenue-generating activities.

To cater this need, JayashreeShreeraam (Founder)ventured RR Business Services as a one-stop-shop for all F&A and HR needs, and
compliance service provider from registration to assessment providing customized services as per clients’ requirements. Understanding the needs of the clients, educating them and providing them customized practicable and holistic solutions within their size and bounds have been RR Business Service’s USP.

Formed with the core motive of providing high quality, cost-effective, timely and innovative solutions & services to MSMEs, RR Business Services manages their non-core business functions, allowing them to focus on core business activities

Delivering Excellence Results
Formed with the core motive of providing high quality, cost-effective, timely and innovative solutions & services to MSMEs, this Chennai-based company manages their non-core business functions, allowing them to focus on core business activities. RR Business Services addresses complex issues through its array of services such as a Virtual CFO (strategic planning, operational support and statutory compliance), Outsourcing (F&A, HR, training, supply chain management and regulatory process), Secretarial (filling forms, maintain records and audits), Auditing &Taxation (issue audit certificates & advice on taxation & file returns) and Financial (loan syndication, PE funding and project funding).Virtual CFO services are built to support MSME who need professional support for complementing their business growth. Besides, this multidisciplinary firm prepares
business plans, process manuals and financial statements, and engages as clients’ financial consultant for ERP implementation.

The company’s platform of solid processes is designed to exceed all compliance and regulatory requirements. “We believe in self-imbibed compliance than enforced compliance whilst achieving expected results. Our challenge today is to build effective systems that support in ‘making knowledge productive’ taking into account the ways in which we think and behave,” says Jayashree.

With three flexible delivery models designed to suit clients’ specific needs, RR Business Services’ onsite model deputes its resources at client site who have complete control over these resources, while in the offsite model, the company maintains clients’ books of accounts at its office and share reports periodically. But if the client has already invested in software, RR Business Services sends its resource on mutually agreed basis to update the entries under its hybrid model.

Future Vision
Debuted in 2011, RR Business Services Serves clients like Vijay Dairy &Farm products,Oriental Hotels Limited, KKM Soft,Datum Software Lab, Karomi Technologyand several others. Since inception, the company has more than doubled its revenue and aims to reach Rs.30 million by 2020; thanks to it incredible infrastructure and ability to handle large volume of work and committed workforce. Currently the company is busy building its team and expertise to achieve its goal of not selling service but delivering results on time, every time. “For us, it is – Delivery first, Money next,” concludes Jayashree.