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  • 10 Most Promising Business Process Services Companies – 2017

    In a business, there are onerous tasks that have to be handled on a daily basis, which divert the attention of the enterprise from its core competencies to mundane responsibilities. These tasks are however, vital to the smooth and efficient functioning of an organization and will require significant amount of resources for their administration. For SMEs which do not generally have in-house capabilities or the interest to carry out these functions which will lower their efficiency, the only option would be to outsource them to specialized business process service providers which are capable of serving their business support needs. With competent pools of professionals, these companies employ adept strategies to identify the needs of the client and address them precisely. The...

10 Most Promising Business Process Services Companies – 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arthtech Consultants Arthtech Consultants Shekhar Agharkar, Founder A pioneering company for Outsourced/Virtual CFO services providing single window solutions both offsite and onsite to its global clients
Eternal HR Services Eternal HR Services Vikram Tuli, , CEO Helping clients manage large workforces spread over geographies, factories or large offices with its standardized Human Resource processes and Outsourcing Services.
Ivangel Ivangel Sanjay Pasari, Director Provides complete world class consultancy services (manpower & accounts outsourcing, end-to-end office solutions and claims certification) at affordable cost
Mynd Solutions   Mynd Solutions Vivek Misra, Co-Founder Mynd Solutions is a leading global service provider in business process and technology management with an approach that puts process at the forefront and understands the value it brings to a company in driving frontend results
Pierian Services Pierian Services Gurunath Kanathur & Chetan Venugopal, Co-Founders A global business services company that offers a wide range of support in Finance & Accounting, People practice and Business Support Services in the areas of Managed services, Strategy , Consulting and Analytics
RR Business Services RR Business Services Jayashree Shreeraam, Founder, , Prabakaran Sivamani, Partner A one-stop shop for all F&A and HR need of SMEs and MSMEs and a compliance service provider from registration to assessment providing customized services based on clients requirement
SPC Management SPC Management Nabajyoti Das, Founder & CEO A people management company that anticipates clients need beforehand and acts with perpetual readiness to meet clients’ expectations before offering services akin to HR consulting, recruitment and outsourcing that caters to diverse sectors
Themis Consult Themis Consult Mukul Karnani, Business Development Manager An end-to-end financial and accounting service provider that help clients understand business gaps & achieve financial success through innovation accounting
Vadera & Co Vadera & Co Jimmy Vadera, Founder Partner Helping companies sort out their accounting records and services anamolies through their invaluable service