Rohan Consultancy: Offering Proficient IP Integration Consultancy to Safeguard Your Organisational Rights

Ajay Mehrotra, Founder
Ajay Mehrotra, Founder
Already riding on the fast-lane of entrepreneurial road, India is on its way to take charge in the fields of innovation and industrial progress. However, as with great power comes great responsibility, it is imperative that organisations take necessary steps in responsibly safeguarding their products and ideas of thousands of employees that goes into making the companies a roaring success. Shouldering organisations in this task is Bangalore - based Rohan Consultancy. The organisation, a patent service & database provider, proffers its clients a unique approach of end-to-end consultancy through its key insight on resource management of intellectual assets and total knowledge solutions in the form of database/reports & document management.

After marketing its databases, Rohan Consultancy provides multiple training sessions to its clients on how to use them, besides offering them full-fledged support. “Our experts analyse customers’ needs, evaluate targets generating intellectual assets and provide customized IP services to them, which are tailor made for their
business requirements. Our objective is to make them capable of managing their crown jewel assets efficiently,” states Ajay Mehrotra, Founder, Rohan Consultancy.

"Our experts analyse customers’ needs, evaluate targets generating intellectual assets and provide customized IP services to them, which are tailor made for their business requirements"

A Solution for All
Unveiling its key asset of IP integration, Rohan Consultancy has helped startups, inventors, R&D organizations, and multinational companies develop IP portfolio which can be strategically positioned to align with their in-house operations. The team is highly proficient in IP strategy consultancy offering, encompassing a plethora of guidance in asset identification, asset protection, asset management, asset valuation & asset monetization that can invariably pave way for clients to reap the benefits of an ironclad legal protection without shifting its management paradigm.

As an authorized independent sale agent of IEEE (a not-for-profit organisation and largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity), including InnovationQ Plus(a global patent and non-patent literature information platforms), Rohan Consultancy creates opportunities to empower clients from various industries to make critical decisions regarding intellectual property development,
and strategy, helping them identify prior asset, determine patent ability, gain understanding of patent clearance, and discover opportunities pertaining to organisational growth.

An Eloquent Provision
A contemporary organisation, Rohan Consultancy advocates technology and ease of accessibility for its users, wherein it provides online services to customers with a unique user id and password. It is no wonder that clients like SABIC, Infosys, Evalueserve, and TCS amongst few others trust Rohan Consultancy in getting the relevant information solutions. Since the organisation works in close sync with its publishing partners across the global network, the employees remain abreast of the industrial trends and the organisation too facilitates regular training to help the team remain up to date with latest technologies and features available in the products it markets.

Having established its offices in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi, the company is experiencing a revenue growth which the team plans on escalating in coming future. In addition to expanding its footprint, Rohan Consultancy is working on aiding its customers with the latest innovative market practices and products, providing them with the latest information at the tip of their fingers for better business functionality. “We adhere to our company motto of ‘Never to say NO to a customer’. With our experience in the industry we can provide any product/service to our customers,” signs off Ajay.