RK Recycle: Cent-Percent Recycling in an Environmentally Safe & Socially Responsible Manner

Ramesh H Kharwar, DirectorNot only India stands at the forefront of the technological revolution, but also remains as a biggest consumer market for electronic products. Resultantly, we produce nearly 300 tonnes of e-waste annually, amongst which over 98 percent is being recycled informally dumped into water bodies or simply burnt. This releases toxic pollutants into air, water bodies and soil, leading to fatal diseases. RK Recycle provides an antidote to cure this grave issue by offering an ecofriendly, secure, convenient & cost efficient disposal route for individuals as well as businesses (SMEs as well as MNCs) to reuse and recycle electronics.

Specializing in environmentally safe & socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste, this Mumbai-based company outshines by providing computer recycling pick-up & dropoff facility carried out in its own vehicles operated by experienced & trained staff equipped to handle any size pickup. RK Recycle collects & recycles all electronic and electrical waste including computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, keyboard, mice, microwaves, fridges, fluorescent tubes and so forth, arising from businesses, academic establishments, social & charitable organizations, Government and other Public services.

Dizzying Array of Services
Born in 2015, RK Recycle’s proposition
appeals to organizations that require their excess and end-of-life equipment & e-waste recycled in a security tight and environmentally sound manner. The company renders a dizzying array of WEEE recycling services aimed directly at WEEE producer compliance schemes, producers and business end users. RK Recycle’s fully licensed, authorized treatment facility (WEEE ATF) that surpasses the WEEE recycling & recovery targets set in the WEEE regulations, guarantees best value and increased security. “Our WEEE recycling service includes many other features designed with a Producer Compliance scheme in mind such as customizable Take Back systems and advanced account management,” avers Ramesh H Kharwar, Director, RK Recycle.

RK Recycle’s proposition appeals to organizations that require their excess and end-of-life equipment & e-waste recycled in a security tight and environmentally sound manner

Having mastered the art of onsite & offsite data destruction & asset disposal, the company ensures that the important data in its client’s systems is wiped out and non–recoverable and hard disk is shredded. “RK Recycle has the highestcapacity & most technologically advanced e-waste shredding system in the world, thus providing our customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return,” explains Ramesh. All materials sent to RK Recycle are cent-percent recycled into metals, plastic & glass, wherein no electronics is placed in landfills and nothing is illegally exported to other nations. While the plastic & glass materials are exported to overseas vendors who strictly adhere to safety standards & labor rules, and practice down-stream due diligence, the residual waste & metal components are processed in land under controlled & environmentally safe conditions.

The company that excels in offering full asset management & resale evaluation services is also specialized in Precious Metal Recovery that involves several potentially delicate steps to recover precious & valuable metals. Moreover, RK Recycle provides its clients with certificates of disposal to verify that the documented materials have not only been received by RK Recycle, but have also been treated in compliance with the guidelines set forth by Pollution Control Board.

Growing further, the company aims to propagate and serve the cause of environment protection through its technological prowess and efficient management of resources. RK Recycle envisions emerging as a benchmark solution provider in the field of environment protection and soar to greater heights.