Right2Vote: Customer Feedback Solutions with a Voting Focus

NeerajGutgutia,Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

How convenient would it be if you could vote for the 2019 LokSabha election on your mobile device? This seemingly fanciful goal is what Right2Vote, a Mumbai-based customer feedback software company seeks to attain through its fool-proof service provisions. With the virtues of mobility, verification and user experience that primarily stems from its voting-focus, the company is unmatched in the customer feedback segment.

Keeping Indian milieutrait such as high internet access via mobile, low education level and multilingual population in mind, the voting platform that Right2Vote offers is ‘Made for India’ and uses India-specific technologies like Aadhaar verification. From customer feedback to highly critical mobile voting,the company supports all kinds of stakeholder engagements and trims down a host of voting-related hassles on multiple dimensions.

Un Following the Traditional Way
Often perceived as junk or sent to the spam folder by the filters, the survey emails that hit the customer’s inbox frequently fail to retrieve the required feedback, which Right2Vote solves by cutting down the junk surveys and focus on targeted feedbacks where the voter is specifically
invited and voter is also interested in participating. The troubles caused by an irritated customer providing multiple negative feedbacks or the resources that a quintessential physical feedback would consume are concerns that Right2Vote’s verification system addresses, and end-to-end automation makes it an anywhere, anytime service, thus guaranteeing minimum 90 percent savings in cost, time and human effort.

Right2Vote’singenious features eliminate every facet of high-risk and high-security need for services, like electoral polls, as only selected customers are permitted to vote by the robust two-level verification process

From the voter’s side, the difficulty of having to deal with multitude of emails is removed through the strict quality control and specific invites. Feedback questions are short and crisp, and the process takes less than two minutes, saving time significantly. All the individual specific invites are presented to the voter in the ‘My poll invite page’, providing ease of access and curbing the need to search for links.

Unparalleled in the Domain
While other customer feedback players are struggling to find a resolute to their dilemmas, Right2Vote has already created a niche for it self. Its ingenious features eliminate every facet of high-risk and high-security need for services, like electoral polls, as only selected customers are
permitted to vote by the robust two-level verification process (Aadhaar and OTP), while Mobile OTP-based log-in assures that these intricacies in no way impede the user-experience. Going a step further, the company has already patented secret ballot, geo-tagging, geo-fencing, audit trail, end-to-end encryption, verification, single transferable vote (STV), and shareholder poll capacity, which are its exclusive features. Among these, features such as closed-group poll, Aadhaar-based verification, secret ballot, and end-to-end poll testify the company’s commitment to security.

To avail prompt responses from customers, SMS notifications and app invites are sent in addition to reminders to the customers who have not voted. The results are computed automatically and in real time, the insights from which can be accentuated by geo-tagging and STV methods apart from the excel download of the relevant data by the poll-creator. “We additionally have a policy to not sell the customer data or use it for targeted advertising,” asserts Neeraj Gutgutia, Founder & CEO, Right2Vote.

Right2Vote prefers to lead the innovation march instead of incorporating the inventions which have already surfaced. The company has initiated an extensive hunt to acquire customers in Government, professional bodies and listed corporate space by canvassing them with services starting from feedback system to voting system.Ultimately, it looks forward to becoming the foremost choice for all stake holder sengagement (shareholder, customer, employees, suppliers and public) of these organizations and to revolutionize and redesign the voting framework.