Resonance Digital: Crafting Extraordinary Visual Entertainment Services

"The need for content is at an all-time high and is only growing with every passing day. The VFX industry is reaping the benefits and has grown exponentially over the years. Gone are the days when VFX was a prominent feature in just Hollywood blockbusters, VFX is now the prevalent force driving films, television and advertising as well. Amidst the burgeoning industry, stands strong Mumbai-based Resonance Digital, a visual entertainment services company crafting exemplary work across disciplines like VFX and CG, Live Action Production, Architectural and Automotive Visualization, Digital Marketing and Experiences. At Resonance our motto is to help filmmakers and Brands co-create experiences that prove to the world that reality is beyond perception" informs Abhyuday Grover the Founder & CEO of Resonance.

Resonance also offers its services across some of the other influential sectors of our economy which includes industries like Advertisement, Real Estate, Automotive and Gaming. Resonance offers immense versatility with its niche services and has assisted some of the biggest names in their respective industries.

Carving a Niche
What makes Resonance stand out in the crowd is its strong business DNA with a beautiful blend of experience and youth in its management tree. The perks of having a cross sector and multi-fold approach in our list of offerings allow us to have a deep and intricate understanding of all segments of the media solutions industry and that keeps us ahead of the curve. The reasons for our quick growth revolve around the right partnerships and in-vestment in the best talent. Our strategic philosophy is simple - procure, create, impress and re-impress," quotes Utsarg Grover, Founder & COO, Resonance Digital.

With its exceptional quality, ideal turnaround times and a VFX/CG team involving around 100+ employees. Resonance is looking to dominate in the coming years. The maestro Vishwas Savanur (Creative Head) at Resonance has over 20 years of experience
in the VFX Industry with an expertise in handling end to end workflows. He's nicknamed as “The Director's Best Friend” Vishwas has worked on more than 100 international/domestic titles in his career. As they say, `We are what our team is!' the Leader-ship Team at Resonance also includes champion practitioners like Rohit Raghuvanshi and Pooja Verma and superbly creative Supervisors like Amit Jain, Sudhir Trivedi, Dipansu Halder and Himanshu Pandey, all of them with their combined efforts have helped Resonance earn the trust and loyalty of some of the best brands and banners in the domestic and international markets. To name a few, Nadiadwala Grandsons Entertainment, Dibaker Banerjee Productions, Vishesh Films, 2D Entertainment, Mahindra & Mahindra, Kalpataru, L&T, Godrej with a handful of Academy Award Winning Studios from the Western World.

Abhyuday Grover,Founder & CEO

The Growth Story
Backed by the investor support of serial entrepreneurs Mr. Ravindra Grover (Chairman) and Udayan Grover (CFO), Resonance has registered a CAGR of 100% year on year. The co-founders and Partners, Anadii Chaturvedi and Rachell Ambrose have also played pivotal roles in the success of Live Action Production Vertical of the Company.

To keep pace with the latest trends, the team at Resonance has been keenly exploring Virtual Production to facilitate VFX and Live Action Production from Pre Vis to final output

To keep pace with the latest trends, the team at Resonance has been keenly exploring Virtual Production to facilitate VFX and Live Action Production from Pre Vis to final output. Another roadmap of the future is to launch it's under development one of a kind content engine which will revolutionize the world of content creation for Brands and Agencies.