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  • 10 Most Promising Visual Effect Studios in India - 2021

    Visual Effects in modern-day film production is boosting every shot which is aimed at creating mesmerizing effects, for an everlasting impression in the viewers' mind. With the absolute crafting of the technicians and the production units, movies, web-series, commercials, training/explainer videos, or even short films framed on mobiles become incredible to watch when VFX is applied. As viewers, we are bamboozled every time when we travel to Asgard with the Avengers. Late Irfan Khan's film Life of Pi included an amazing VFX effect in addition to his charming acting. Sometimes, this hard work and creativity of the VFX industry go undetected. It is because of the perfectness and talent of the VFX technicians. According to statista.com, the Indian VFX and post-production...

10 Most Promising Visual Effect Studios in India - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AB VFX Studios AB VFX Studios Abhishek Kumar, Co-Founder Provides services in visual effects, moving image content, design, digital, content, motion graphics, 2d, 3d, animation, colour grading, production, VFX post production, post production, VFX, roto, keying, match move, paint, and outsource roto prep
Anibrain Anibrain Jesh Krishna Murthy, Founder and CEO Maintains topnotch services in feature film VFX visual effects, cg, and animation
Feather VFX Studio Feather VFX Studio Subramani Kabilnathan, Director Leverages services in VFX rotoscopy, vfx paint, wire removal, match moving, rotomation, and stereo rotoscopy & paint, compositing
MAGMYTH VFX Studio MAGMYTH VFX Studio Tony Tom, Managing Director Dedicated towards offering the best-in-class visual effects, animation and film production solutions being a one-stop shop in the media and entertainment industry
MediaMonks MediaMonks Dhruv Singhal, Producer Supplier of services in digital campaigns, films, games, mobile, websites, platforms, apps, installations, VR, experiential, interactive experiences, content, post production, VFX, 3D, animation, motion graphics, sound, rich media, banners, AR, digital production, and creative content
Pixel D Post Pixel D Post Ankur Sachdev, Director Integrates services in VFX, 3d animation, editing, rendering, architectural walk through, and digital intermediate
Prana Studio Prana Studio Anish Husainali Mulani, & Arish Murad Fyzee, Directors Facilitates 3d animation, and visual effects services and has production units located outside India
Prime Focus Prime Focus Namit Malhotra, Founder, Non - Executive Director Offers a range of services like 3d conversion and animation, technology products and services, production services, and post production services
Resonance Digital Resonance Digital Abhyuday Grover, Founder & CEO Assuring services in media, with specialization in media production for big and small businesses, and also delivers content creation, digital transformation, design, graphics, and technology
Vu Televisions Vu Televisions Devita Saraf, Founder It delivers television which have picture and sound clarity comprising industry-leading qled technology, 120hz panel refresh rate, vu's pixelium glass technology and 50-watt 6-speaker soundbar