Renesco India: Excellent Waterproofing Services for Underground Structures & Constructions

Sanjay Kumar, Managing Director

Sanjay Kumar

Managing Director

Underground & foundation structures like tunnels, basements and more are vulnerable constructions when it comes to damp & water leakage. Lack of seepage protection can severely reduce the long-term durability of a structure and badly affect its planned use. Therefore, protection of these structures from ingress of water is of great technical & economical importance. But to handle such huge projects and fulfil the market needs, a waterproofing service provider must possess important factors like effective knowledge, innovative technology, and quality offerings. Accumulating all these factors, Renesco India, a leading waterproofing service provider with extensive experience of 50+ years in structural waterproofing & injections/grouting, is offering the same what the market is seeking currently.

Experience-Based Solutions

Renesco India is a part of the Switzerland based Marti Group, an owner operated family business that specializes in underground construction. Its main area of operations comprises of national & international large scale projects in tunnelling & infrastructure, as well as in the hydraulic, environmental and rehabilitation sectors. The firm is well known for its tunnel waterproofing, geo membrane application, and specialty tunnel grouting services. Building a strong stature, Renesco Holding AG is currently operating in several countries like Switzerland, Germany, India, Slovakia, North America, UK, and Canada.

Under the headship of Sanjay Kumar(Managing Director), Renesco India (Noida, incorporated in 2014) is offering an array of services for sealing operations in underground structures against pressurized & nonpressurized water, along with other waterproofing services. The firm is specialized in the application of thermoplastic welding based on PVC
TPO/TPE, FPO, PEHD and more. It offers installation of sheet waterproofing for bored tunnels and for limited application in shafts, and are comprised of High Density Polyurethane (HPDE) or Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC) sheet systems.

Grouting & Injection Specialist

One of the major challenges during tunnel construction is to seal the potential water inflow. Such unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during the construction process usually escalates costs, creates a negative influence on the environment/construction process, and inevitably causes significant delays. To deal with such unfavourable conditions and to counteract these risks, Renesco India has adopted two different types of grouting process cementitious grouting & chemical grouting. Under its cementitious grouting segment, the firm offers services like grouting measures for compensation, ground stabilization & permeation, contact grouting, curtain grouting, grout sealing, cavity filling and more. Whereas, in chemical grouting, Renesco India provides all kind of injection using acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy & silicate resin for waterproofing of underground structures, field injection, crack sealing, water stopping and more. Apart from that, the firm also offers specialized drilling services in combination with grouting/injection technology.

The grouting services are backed with state-of-the-art grouting control and reporting systems to ensure and secure the quality of the grouting process in order to meet specific criteria and projects standards. The grout control system provides data record, realtime monitoring of workflow and more, enabling in time decision making and steering of the construction.

The firm is well known for its tunnel waterproofing, geomembrane application, and specialty tunnel grouting services

“Our reputation as a specialized contracting company has been built on providing tailor made, practical oriented and costeffective solutions, and we have the right mix of highly skilled people certified by TUV SUD as per DVS Code 2212 with advanced machinery and technology required to make your next project a big success. Chemical Injection will be our key focus area, to provide solution against challenges of tunnelling in Himalayan region,” states Sanjay. No wonder, with such dedicated service the firm has bagged many prestigious Projects of Defence, RVNL, NHAI, HAL, NTPC, PWD, IRRIGATION and many more.