RealMonkey: An Ardent Creator of the Most Memorable User Experiences

(L-R) Sushil Sharma, Abhinav Sharma & Aroon Sharma,Founders

(L-R) Sushil Sharma, Abhinav Sharma & Aroon Sharma, Founders

Samadara Ginige, an award-winning Designer & Developer, once quoted, “Design is every where. From the dress you’re wearing to the smartphone you’re holding, it’s design”. Given the ubiquitous presence of design, organizations today are in the lookout for service providers who truly put themselves in the user’s shoes and deliver design services as per user’s dreams & requirements. Thanks to RealMonkey, an ardent UI & UX Design Agency that always visualizes products from the user’s perspective and designs it accordingly infused with seamless user experience that stays with the users forever.

It is clearly evident that the demand for mobile phones and applications is constantly growing, thus creating large scope for the UI/UX design companies to flourish. By leveraging this opportunity and the brilliance of its team of design thinkers & artists, RealMonkey delivers out-of-the-box solutions to its clients with boundless passion. Besides, the firm also believes in creating novel ways to design mobile apps with
incredible user experiences for them along with deliverance of better RoI. To nail this aspect of RoI, it takes diligent care in boosting clients’ overall revenue or conversion rate, lessening costs incurred, decreasing development waste and also avoiding the risks in building a wrong thing. Above all, the firm pays great attention to escalate the customer satisfaction in all its endeavours. Currently, RealMonkey deploys softwares such as Sketchapp, Invision Studio, Principle, Marvel, Adobe XD, Zeplin, Framer and front-end technologies like Vue.js, React.js, Flutter, SCSS, Flex and many others across all its solutions.

"RealMonkey believes in creating novel ways to design mobile apps with incredible user experiences for them along with deliverance of better RoI"

Distinctive Approaches
Way before finalizing the deal with any client, RealMonkey executes a deep-rooted research to clearly comprehend their product requirements. This is something not many companies opt to do! Post research, the firm accumulates answers from the client for a set of questions, discusses among teams, and delivers the essential suggestions for their product enhancement. Clients indeed love these suggestions in most cases, and greatly admire RealMonkey for their expert opinions. RealMonkey takes pride in being the UI/UX partner for Mystride, a revolutionary equestrian-oriented mobile application. Starting from developing their brand identity till the entire UI/UX roadmap for their website and mobile app, the firm
always ensured to keep every design systemic for Mystride. While RealMonkey tasted huge success from this partnership, people today love Mystride specifically for its ease of use and minimal UX-based designs & graphics.

The other aspect that clients adore a lot about the firm is its effective communication. Abhinav Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, RealMonkey, articulates, “We are just a message or call away from our clients. Trusting client’s (mostly U.S.-based) success as our own success, we give them real-time experiences while resolving their issues via seamless communication, regardless of time zone differences”. In a nutshell, RealMonkey delivers way beyond the clients’ expectations and with time, they become true friends.

The Ecstatic Client
This 2014-founded Mohali-based company works-out of a co-working space, which acts as a lever to strengthen its networking arena, besides successfully building remote working model that has helped in productive results in business alongside job enlightenment /happiness in every employee. Last year, RealMonkey has achieved a total revenue of $500,000 (10 times growth). It currently envisions bagging $2-4 million in the coming two years. Aroon Sharma, Co-Founder & Director, RealMonkey, concludes, “With strong expertise, great capabilities and best practices in UI/UX design, we are expecting to undertake bigger projects in the upcoming year, besides becoming the foremost player in the industry”.