Raychem RPG: Endowing Customers with a Competitive Edge by Pioneering Unique Energy Storage Solutions

   Ramani Kasi,   President

Ramani Kasi


Energy storage plays an extremely critical role in taking sustainable, reliable & quality power to the next two billion people. Tremendous credit to the increasing adoption of renewable devices, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and maturing technology supported by overall cost reduction in battery prices, the energy storage market is gaining momentum worldwide. To address the pressing need for a technical & scalable solution for intermittent grid stability that can help India meet the Paris Climate Change Convention objectives, Raychem RPG, India’s leading electrical connections & insulation systems provider, has ventured into energy storage domain in technology partnership with Dynapower (a global leader in bi directional inverter & DC converter arena, with installation backing of over 500 MW project implementations globally) and established a manufacturing facility in Halol, Gujarat India

Raychem RPG is one of the few companies possessing expertise in AC coupled, DC coupled and Hybrid energy storage designs, with products running successfully world wide, including India’s first MW scale energy storage solution
and ground breaking DC coupled design. The company outclasses competition with its unique & patented dynamic transition technology that has seamlessly transitioned between ongrid & offgrid modes. Recognized for being the first company to introduce DC coupled design (which is becoming the benchmark for RE integration projects), unsurprisingly, it has won numerous awards, including the prestigious innovation award at Inter Solar, Munich and SFO in 2018.

We are the only company to have optimized and innovated a unique behind the meter solution for commercial & industrial segments

Raychem Innovation Centre located at Halol near Vadodara, has some of the best researchers & doctorates with global work experience. They have designed unique software capability to design energy storageprojects for specific requirements, giving the customers a competitive edge. This includes project sizing, battery technology selection and integration subsystems. Moreover, Raychem RPG has been on the fore front of electrical safety globally with unique products and world class best selling solutions that are safe & long lasting.

The Indomitable Offerings
The company has products in range from KW to MW scale, catering to all the industry
segments/applications like Ancillary Services, RE Integration, behind the meter applications(MPS range with patented dynamic transfer capability) and more. Raychem RPG has CPS range of products (single size of 2.2 MW) and DC converter (single size of 500 KW expandable to multi MW size), which directly caters to the utility scale business. “We are the only company to have optimized and innovated a unique behind the meter solution for commercial & industrial segments,” affirms Nitin Sharma, Vice President Energy, Raychem RPG.

Understanding that different customers have different problems, and each problem needs different optimal solution, the company treats each project as a new project and strives to provide the best available solution, even if it requires customization. “We closely work with our customers and consistently gather VOC to continuously improve our processes & product performance,” remarks Ramani Kasi, President, Raychem RPG.

The Company
Established in 1989 as a joint venture between TE Connectivity and RPG Group, Raychem RPG is one of the longest standing successful joint ventures globally. It employs over 1000 employees across Mumbai, (Corporate Office),Maharashtra & Gujarat (factories) and Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi & Thane (Regional Offices). At present, combined R&D forces of Raychem RPG & Dynapower are developing next generation energy storage solutions suitable for different applications, including HV products with compact design to reduce overall project cost, with many more in the pipeline.