QCyber Security & Forensics: Ensuring Cyber Safety by Offering Cutting- Edge Solutions

Ramesh Babu Pothumarthi, Founder & CEOWe live in an era where cyberattack technology is fast outpacing cybersecurity technology. With increasing dependence on the use of digital files, data breaches have been making headlines in recent years worldwide. India is no exception, with the most recent incident involving the Aadhaar system, which got hacked in January 2018 and comprised of personal information and biometrics of over one billion Indians. This shows how the everevolving digital age affects cybersecurity more than most people realize. While many cyber security organizations fail mainly due to their inability to keep-up with the constantly transforming cyber threat landscape, QCyber Security & Forensics is in tune with the trend and addresses the fastgrowing digital forensics and information security marketplace.

The 2019 incepted firm has cemented its hold in the cyber forensic industry globally by building and delivering information security platform and services to proactively secure, continuously monitor and reactively respond to cyber threats. The firm provides nextgeneration information security,digital forensics, and counter fraud management to prevent, detect, resolve, investigate and report white collar crimes, cyberattacks, security breaches, and corporate frauds.

Next Generation Solutions
QCyber’s array of services includes security assessment, specialized services, consulting services and digital forensics services. Besides, it also offers various products like Valid8Pro, iValid8, Qvach, Face Chk and more,
supporting multifactor authentication, vulnerability advisory, security operation center, computer vision, citizen’s safety, and document fraud verification. Further, QCyber has developed its own products and nurtured long term partnerships with best of breed technologies coming from the world’s leading information security, digital forensics and fraud management technology domains to offer cuttingedge solutions & services to organizations across the globe, which acts as an added layer of security surety.

We work diligently with our clients to tailor our response time, escalation plans and remote support to meet their needs

QCyber’s specially trained team & products help Indian Law Enforcement Agencies(LEA), State Home Departments and Defense Agencies with their security requirements. Leveraging them, the firm has been protecting & securing the information infrastructure of several organizations, and has helped various LEAs by setting-up the best & prestigious Digital Forensic Labs in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Fulfilling Customer Requirements
QCyber’s products and services are aimed at problem solving and need fulfilment rather than a push for sales. Through the initiatives and committed service delivery, QCyber resolves issues which are mission & time critical to its client’s business or operations. By virtue of its specialized skills, knowledge, experience, innovative solutions, and exclusive partnerships, the company has created an unfair advantage & benefits to its customers while delivering an unprecedented value for its shareholders and enough entry barriers for its competitors. “We firmly believe that customers deserve a concierge type experience based on best practices and proven methodologies. Hence, we offer highly customized solutions for our clients. We work diligently with our clients to tailor our response time, escalation plans and remote support to meet their needs,” avers Ramesh Babu, Founder & CEO, QCyber Security & Forensics.

Passionate to enhance customer’s experience, QCyber frequently trains and upskills its associates on recent security trends in the industry to keep them ahead of the attackers. Continuous innovation is the part of its DNA, and hence the firm is working on Artificial Intelligence based security solutions, which will be added to its existing service portfolio in the coming future.

Alongside corporate responsibilities, QCyber strives to be a part of social responsibility & social reformation through successful ideas and patriotism. The firm donates it’s time to pro bono work and works on innovative solutions along with government & nonprofit organizations in order to make the society a better place.