Protect Group: Offering Waterproofing Solutions through Eco-Friendly Approach

S.B. Raghunath,Group Chairman & Managing Director

S.B. Raghunath

Group Chairman & Managing Director

Waterproofing a structure to prevent the ingress of water is an activity which perhaps is practiced in one form or the other, ever since the first building was built on earth. The methodology has been changing & evolving with the changes in the architectural designs and availability of different building materials in construction. However, most of the conventional waterproofing methods used today involves digging of surface, creating air pollution and demands bone dry surface for application with no traffic on it for hours to days. These impacts of conventional waterproofing methods make the process inefficient.

Addressing this in efficiency while minimizing the impacts of conventional method, Protect Group, a Bangalore based engineering solution provider came-up with a unique composite based waterproofing compound AKWOSHIELD. The compound is a first-of-its kind in the world and is an impregnate which works with water against water, and doesn’t need dry surface like conventional waterproofing compounds. It flows with water into the structure to seal porosity without the necessity to break the surface like tiles and others.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

Akwoshield is a versatile product, as it can also be used as integral waterproofing, putty, lining material between joints & fixing, and as laminates in brick bat coba. “Akwoshield is quite useful for MRO market, as there is no need to break, scratch, grind or drill the surface. Just mix with water and spread over
the surface after doing the necessary surface preparation. This saves time as restroom can be put back to use in three hours, rooftop in 12 hours, and water bodies in 24 hours,” states Dr.(Hc) S.B. Raghunath, Group CMD, Protect Group.

Akwoshield is quite useful for MRO market as there is no need to break, scratch, grind or drill the surface

With a focus on the ecofriendly environment, Protect Group strives to manufacture the products using bucket technology(no use of power). During the application, the firm avoids demolishing of surface and usage of power, which results in zero pollution & power consumption. Recalling one out many best in class services served by Protect Group, Raghunath cites, “We have waterproofed critical areas where structures are old and/or next to live water source and have effectively solved it. For LIC in Hyderabad which is close to century old building, we have waterproofed their toilets without even scratching”.

Sealing Leaks with Utmost Efficiency

Protect Group has earned a trusted reputation through its quality approach, advanced technology application, virtuous modus operandi and core belief in customer satisfaction. Its wide-ranging services include waterproofing, coating, painting, and more, which embodies experiential expertise in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel and Institutional sectors.

Established in 2015, Protect Group masters waterproofing mechanism and endeavours unique solutions through conventional methods like lamination(felts, rolls, brick bat coba, screeds), coatings, grouting resins under pressure and impregnation. The firm also offers a range of products, including transparent concrete (made-up of waste materials & parthenium, banana fibre, gunny as reinforcement material), sand-less mortar, chemical sand, fire resistant coatings and more. Apart from that, under its REMAT segment, the firm offers products like tiles, plaster mortar, dry concrete, waterproof paints, insulation paints and several others that are manufactured through cold process and chemicals of selective nature.

The firm also endeavours to refine its services constantly. It has developed a four in one paint which is water, crack, thermal and fungal resistant, and can be applied over stone, wood, concrete and any other surface. No wonder, with such dedicated services, Protect Group has bagged prestigious clients such as ACS College, BESCOM, Raman Research Institute, and Manipal Hospital, to name a few. In the coming future, the firm aims to launch TV channel with start-ups pitching, finance & tech talks, product launch to encourage science in general during the day, and provide tuitions for university students during night time. Indeed a journey worth watching!