Protect Group: Navigating the Waterproof Industry towards the Future

Ananad MA,Director

Ananad MA


Being a country prone to heavy rainfall, cyclones, and floods, India has lately been working to improvise the standard of waterproofing industry. The Indian waterproof industry is witnessing an exponential growth owing to its superlative techniques and advanced products. According to Zion Market's Research report, waterproofing industry is forecast to reach $ 43.08 Billion by 2024 across the world benefitting the market in India significantly.

Envisaging this opportunity of prosperity beforehand, the Protect group was established with a notion to provide engineering solutions in the field of coatings, power, civil, water, renewable energy, processed foods, and hygienic products. Administered under the able guidance of Dr(HC) S.B.Raghunath and Anand M.A Protect Group is operating from Bangalore and has reached across Pan India with its network of franchisees, distributors and in-house sales team.

Functioning competently across various sectors such as construction, renewable energy and consumer goods, Protect group got incepted with a vision to provide engineering solutions for various problems related to different walks of society.

"Our waterproofing is basically eco-friendly and economic, effective product. We don't create debris and by this, we mean that we can do waterproofing for an existing building without scratching the surface whether it is a tile surface or concrete. The other advantage is we use water as a carrier so after the
waterproofing there will be no problem. These are some of the USPs of our product," says Anand M.A, Director, Protect group.

The range of services comprises of waterproofing, solar water heater installation, servicers and AMC, floor coatings, cleaning of monumental structures, diesel generator services and AMC, swimming pool maintenance and AMC, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, painting, along with consultancy for infrastructural development. Protect group is acknowledged for hosting a huge product range consisting of infrastructure products and RE products which consist of various eco-friendly, economic and effective products such as perfect Plast, PerfectCon, tiles, blocks, plates, seals, rubble modules, bonds, coats, along with solar heating and lighting products.

Talking about the incorporation of modern techniques to catalyze the production process, Anand M.A states, "We have the latest technology product called impregnation where the product goes along with water and travels to a couple of meters to longer distances by taking the advantage of water movements.

We have a ceramic-based coating which is thermal insulative and water-resistant

It makes the motion of production swift. Apart from this, we have a ceramic-based coating which is thermal insulative and water-resistant also. So by applying this, the temperature during summer will reduce up to almost 25 degrees and also waterproof the surface. It is a multi-purpose coating which is applied on a surface. Apart from that we have modified epoxy (epoxy-based polymer) and we use it on metal, glass and other surfaces where the ceramic or impregnation cannot be implemented."

Owing to its impeccable service and product range, the product group has many procedural clients including the elite names such as IIMB Bangalore, ACS College of Engineering, Purvankura, Manipal Hospitals, Colombia Asia Hospitals, Garuda Mall, Dell, Nagarjuna, CPWD, PWD, BSNL, and many more. Started with minimal investments, the company commenced from a turnover of a couple of thousands in the initial phase to a turnover of 1.5 crores to 1.7 crores on an average at present. "Every business has its own ups and downs, there is no doubt about it but we enjoy the status in the market as the crisis manager.

Most of the people try many reputed as well as multinational brands. But when they could not get their job done they come to us. It is the hard truth that I have digested and learned to live with it. We are in the market for long and now with all the advantages of being economical and effective I think we should be able to multiply our turnover to multifolds," concludes Dr (HC) S.B. Raghunath.