Prompt Manfin Consultant: Experienced Professionals Delivering Client-Friendly IP Services at Flexible Cost

Navdeep Shridhar,Director
Navdeep Shridhar, Director

In today’s increasingly knowledge-driven economy, Intellectual Property (IP) is considered as a crucial asset for daily business decisions. New products, brands and creative designs appear frequently in the market and are the outcome of constant human innovation and creativity which are largely done by SMEs. But unfortunately, SMEs’ innovative and creative capacity is not always fully exploited as majority of them are unaware of the IP or the protection it can grant their brand, design and inventions. Kanpur-based Prompt Manfin Consultant was established in 2009 by a group of professionals including chartered accountants, company secretaries, advocates & MBAs with a vision to provide world class advisory and consultancy services to retail & corporate sector in several facets of IP & corporate law related services. “Over the years, we have developed intense capabilities in several functional and specialty segments of IPRs and have emerged as the chosen
partner of SMEs in several innovative and path breaking projects undertaken by them,” avers Navdeep Shridhar, Director, Prompt Manfin Consultant.

"Prompt Manfin Consultant always preserves clients’ needs at the centre and deploys customized softwares for each of its services"

This full service law firm handles any kind of IPR service, be it patents, trademarks (classification, opposition, renewal, infringement and international registration), copyrights (classification, infringement, opposition and registration in case of goods) or industrial designs and aims to render client-friendly IP services with flexible cost. Indeed, Prompt Manfin Consultant has forged a stellar reputation by standing with its clients through thick and thin.

The venture always preserves clients’ needs at the centre and deploys customized softwares for each of its services. Besides leveraging in-house electronic database to keep track of important deadlines & dates of every individual portfolio, Prompt Manfin Consultant also updates clients about their on-going IP process via regular newsletters, thereby rendering them utmost professionalism, all the while enhancing overall customer experience.
Enthusiastic Team
Alongside, Prompt Manfin Consultant encompasses a robust team of attorneys and lawyers who has in-depth understanding of all IPR & corporate related laws and their harmonious solutions. These employees are continuously trained over best practices of IP services available across the globe under various training programs, which not only empower them to better understand clients’ requirement but also help to quantify values of inventions and stay abreast with current trends and happenings. This aid Prompt Manfin Consultant to acquire huge clientele base globally and establish its presence as a reputed brand in the industry.

The company’s comprehensive capability (covering several segments of disciplines), proactive & continuous learning approach in ever changing global environment and ability to conceive innovative strategies and providing comprehensive support in executing such strategies distinguish it and bestows Prompt Manfin Consultant with a competitive edge over its competitors. Enriched with such features, the venture is looking forward to shift to a new & big office and expand its workforce by threefold in the coming years. Currently, Prompt Manfin Consultant has offices in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Dehradun.