Prompt Infracom: Bridging the Digital Divide with High Speed Internet Services

Over the past few years, internet has confirmed itself as one of the most powerful platforms that has changed the way people do their business, communicate or keep them selves engaged every day. In today’s scenario, high speed may kill one on the highway, but lack of speed due to a dying internet connection can affect the overall productivity eventually leading to missed opportunities. With more than 460 million internet users, today India is ranked as the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, the number of internet users in India is expected to be about 635.8 million, despite the growing number of internet users in India, only 26 percent of the Indian population accessed the internet in 2015. With a vision to bridge the gap and fulfill the need of a reliable, high speed internet service provider, in early 2017, Tabrez Ali Syed and Mushtaq Ali teamed up and established Prompt Infracom today, a leading Internet Service Provider delivering hassle free internet services for complete customer satisfaction.

Tabrez Ali Syed,Managing Director
Mushtaq Ali, Director

“Prompt Infracom was born with our realization of the importance of internet service. Today, for every individual and business – either small or big-internet has become a
primary need. With a vision to deliver top-notch internet services to meet the customers’ requirements, we stepped up and started Prompt Infracom. We visualized it as a smart and hassle-free internet service providing company that would cater to every segment of the market and would focus on being high on our consumer’s expectations be it speed, price or customer service,” shares Tabrez Ali Syed, Managing Director, Prompt Infracom.

Tabrez Ali Syed, Managing Director

Competition is an inherent part of a business and Prompt Infracom welcomes competition. Based out of Udaipur, today, this firm is one of the leading internet service providers in Udaipur which is keeping up with its inception ideology of providing hassle free, highspeed internet with a speed of up to 100 Mbps along with round the clock onsite support to the customers. “We at Prompt Infracom make every possible effort to know the needs and expectations of our potential clients. Knowing that different clients have different needs and budget, we have come up with internet plans that start from as low as Rs.19.96 per day with speed of up to 10Mbps. Our highly dedicated team continuously offers 24X7 onsite services while catering
to the individual needs of each of our customers,”utters Mushtaq Ali, Director of Technical Department, Prompt Infracom.

Having worked with a unique range of customers from various industrial domains like IT Companies, Hospitality Industries, Major Commercial Industries, Education, and more, Prompt Infracom firmly believes that a company is successful only when it has loyal customers. Adding to this Tabrez says, “Our flagship offering to our customers is our willingness to support the service that we sell. We value feedbacks from our patrons and encourage them to express themselves in different creative manners. This enables us to create longer and mutually beneficial relationships with them. In addition to this, our in-house Research and Development team aims at making continuous improvements in our services so that we have some thing new to offer to our customers from time to time. Our sales team also works very efficiently to connect with every customer to solve their ever changing needs.”

Celebrated today as one of the renowned internet service provider, in future Prompt Infracom aspires to be recognized as a household name for bridging the internet needs in not just Udaipur but also across the other cities of Rajasthan. The firm’s strength lies in its skilled team of professionals and their loyal consumers who have contributed to the success of the firm, and in return, Prompt Infracom is leaving no stone unturned to make the people of Rajasthan experience the top notch services that they are offering.