Prominent Mind: Enhanced Organizational Performance

Krishna A, Chief Mentor, Srinivas Kumar Principal Consultant ,Venugopalan CM, Co-Founder & DirectorToday, there is a need for leaders across industries to transform their organizations while working continuously on self improvement. Prominent Mind, a Bangalore based startup, has come out with excellent leadership programs, uniquely designed to offer and accelerate the professional development of leaders to bring about positive change across their organizations. These programs guide as well as assist executives to transform, by becoming more self aware, courageous and bring out their best in all they do every day. Prominent Mind focuses on CEO, CXO, C Suite-1, and C Suite-2 levels. Prominent Mind's Executive Coaching Programs have a clear goal of improving overall performance effectiveness in a time bound manner to perceive the change. Prominent Mind is disrupting the Executive Coaching industry a field that has been enriched by multiple approaches, schools of thought, and well established methodologies, all of which seek to enhance executive performance and make individuals more effective, engaged, and fulfilled in their careers.

Dynamic Business Engagement
ProminentMind believes that the four pillars Organisation’s Culture, Values, Competency Framework and the criteria adopted in Performance evaluation constitute one half of the long term context, while the nature of the Business Field(B2B, B2C,and others), as well as the stage in which the organisation is (Stable/Mature, Market Leader, New Entrant or other), forms the other half. The short term business context relates to the current challenges and opportunities that the organization is currently facing/expecting within the next couple of years.

The company recommends that 'if then' statements are to be fully avoided while onboarding individuals into a coaching engagement. 'If then' statements typically have three facets. While 'Measurability'in a simple and preagreed framework to gauge the progress is ok, 'Consequences' such as either promotion/salary raise or being moved out of the role if the expected direction and level of change does not materialize is often counter productive. The third facet of 'Arrival' is often a hidden killer, because at the end of any coaching engagement, the individual does not arrive at a finish line or a steady state for the long run. A coaching journey opens up new vistas, directions for the person to explore, practice, and enrich oneself continually. As simply stated by ProminentMind,'Progress and self development have no end, no finish line'. The individuals experience increased self awareness, a clearer understanding of their blind spots including uncovering of their hidden talents/potential, a positive restlessness with one's status quo, all leading to an inner realization that self development is its own reward.

The key challenges faced by professionals
could be divided into three buckets Time Commitment, Translating the enhanced self awareness into appropriate measures & actions, and picking one self up and moving forward from failed attempts. ProminentMind as a coach, stands by and stands next to the professionals, some times prodding or whispering into their ears or encouraging, or at times challenging them to overcome such hurdles. Each coaching journey is very different and formulas or ready made kits are of little use. This is the area that differentiates ProminentMind from other executive coaching ventures.

ProminentMind's eclectic toolkit uses a mix of Psychometric Tools, NLP based self reflection exercises, conversations, and 360-degree feedback. ProminentMind is moving to the 'CAAD Coaching At A Distance'model in the pandemic situation. The company enables mid sized and startup groups to overcome organizational hurdles in realizing their dreams and aids larger businesses to renew themselves for the future. ProminentMind endeavors to achieve deep rooted, holistic outcomes for its clients.

ProminentMind is disrupting the Executive Coaching industry a field that has been enriched bymultiple approaches, schools of thought, and well-established methodologies

Krishna A, Founding Team
Krishna is a Certified Executive Coach, Startup Mentor, Social Volunteer who derives his strengths from wide ranging, multi disciplinary experience in manufacturing and IT-Engineering Sectors. Board Member and CFO, HR Head for Bosch Group in India, Manufacturing Plant Head are some of the key roles essayed by him in a career of nearly four decades. A qualified Finance professional, who repeatedly stepped out of the comfort zone, brings in a powerful combination of conceptual depth blended with practical skills.

Srinivas Kumar, Founding Team
Kumar is a qualified Finance Professional with multi disciplinary experience in India and Germany. His experience and key contributions in the Bosch Group in various roles spanning over three decades in Finance, Supply Chain, HR, Internal Audit, Cost Management, Business Strategy makes him passionate to bring this rich experience to contribute towards competitiveness of India Inc. He is a certified executive coach by CFI, a certified CII EXIM Bank Business Excellence Assessor and a certified CII TCM(Total Cost Management) Assessor.

Venugopalan CM, Founding Team
Venu is a Business hardened leader with 30 years of professional experience across the business areas of Energy & Building solutions, Automotive systems, IT, R&D and Manufacturing. An alumnus of BITS Pilani and IIM-B, Venu is a passionate leadership trainer, executive coach, organizational transformation consultant and an entrepreneur. Venu is a NASSCOM Mentor for Startups, Senate IIITDM-Jabalpur, Adj. Prof at SMVDU-Jammu and coach at premier B-Schools. He is a certified Leadership and Career coach.