Proaxis Solutions: Delivering Top-Notch Forensic & Investigative Services

Harini Girish, Founder & CEO

Harini Girish

Founder & CEO

Internet activity and online involvements are increasing at an astonishing rate and so are cyber crimes. Today, hackers can steal anything, including intellectual property & personal information from corporations and individuals. With increasing cyber criminals across the globe breaching into various systems more than ever, it has become an undeniable need to have cyber forensic experts with advanced technological prowess to assist you in safeguarding your data.

A first-of-its-kind firm founded by home qualified forensic professionals (masters/bachelors in Forensics), Proaxis Solution not just utilizes latest forensics tools, but also effectively incorporates those tools with proven methodologies & current practices in a structured way throughout the investigation process to achieve a scientific conclusion. Working on universally adopted protocols, this Bangalore based firm endeavors to deliver topnotch forensics & investigative services to companies globally, helping them investigate cyber & email frauds, data, identity & IP theft, violation of AUPs, data breach and many more. “We value every single client relationship, whether big or small, and approach each of them with a focus on integrity, advocacy and understanding,” avers Harini Girish, Founder & CEO, Proaxis Solutions.

Right from its inception in 2018, the firm is exposed to a gamut of services, including data & password recovery, call data analysis, audio video authentication, eDiscovery, live system analysis and imaging
electronic storage media(hard disks/SSD/ USB). Proaxis offers exceptional specialty in investigations relating to digital & cyber forensics, Audio, Video & Image Authentication, Network & Cloud Forensics, Social Media Forensics, Live System Analysis, and Document & Fingerprint forensics. At present, Proaxis performs indepth investigation and extensive analysis of evidences pertaining to cybercrimes happening in sectors like corporates, healthcare, insurance, banking and so on.

Proaxis Solutions performs indepth investigation and extensive analysis of evidences pertaining to cybercrimes happening in sectors like corporates, healthcare, insurance, banking and so on

MultiFaceted Approach
What sets Proaxis Solutions unique in the crowd is its tendency to craft case base tools (software/ hardware), where in every individualistic tool performs a specific designated task and their findings are amalgamated during reporting to arrive at respective conclusion. Solely researched & developed for forensic investigation purposes, these tools are used along with cutting edge domain specific technologies which are being employed by leading international forensic agencies to generate undisputable results that are relied upon legally. In fact, its scientific reports are accepted under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act. “Our client friendly, prompt, efficient and scientifically accepted results with reasonable pricing are the hallmark of Proaxis Solutions,” professes Senthil Kumar, Founder & COO, Proaxis Solutions.

Its team of experts(Forensic Analysts) holding combined experience of 230 years in forensics leaves no stone unturned to make clients happy & satisfied. Apart from applying SWGDE based protocols, these professionals frequently update themselves on current technological advancements in digital & cyber forensics field, ensuring customers get most advanced and appropriate analysis of their cases.

Going forward, Proaxis Solutions is looking to emphasize on its resource and technologies pertaining to current industry trends & development. In terms of infrastructure and ongoing research, the company would be persistently adapting to any methodologies that would reinforce its scope of activities. “We established the company with the concept that a small team of academically qualified & trained forensic practitioners with the right leadership & technical capabilities can render the best, high quality forensic and investigative services to clients worldwide,” concludes Harini.