Precise Testing Solution: Manual & Automated Testing Framework that Offers Comprehensive Services at a Competitive Price

Vikash Kumar, CTO & Founder

Vikash Kumar

CTO & Founder

According to a research analysis by Global Market Insights, the market for software testing is anticipated to surpass a valuation of USD 70 billion by 2030. The growing need for mobile-based applications among users, the necessity for software to create modern user interfaces, and the rising popularity of automating software development will all contribute to an increase in the expansion of the software testing industry. Implementing agile development for quality assurance will also generate a lot of prospects for market expansion.

Precise Testing Solution is a software testing firm striving to provide its clients with the best-in-class quality assurance that is organized, systematic, and based on the most recent techs in the industry. “We are the only firm that is impaneled by two governmental bodies; STQC and Cert-In. These organizations investigated our credentials, our services, and our capabilities before hiring us, and we have received their seal of approval as a reputable company. As a result, our clients view us as trustworthy and rely on us to develop the best solutions available,” speaks Vikash Kumar, CTO & Founder, Precise Testing Solution.

The firm's motto is to promote the fastest start in a short time to develop and deploy software of the highest quality assurance and software testing solutions to its clients while minimizing risks and costs and aiding organizations in optimizing the functionality, responsiveness, and quality of their applications. The firm strives to uphold the moral and professional standards it has set for itself and is wellknown in the industry for its honesty and accountability.

Precise Testing Solutions offers manual testing services including Functional Testing,
Compatibility Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Beta Testing, Configuration Testing, and more. The firm also offers automation services like White Box Testing, Automation Testing, Source Code Review, Performance Testing, and cyber security services like Security Testing, Website Penetration Testing, Application Penetration Testing, Reverse Engineering, Network Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensics, Cloud Security, and more. As a firm that always challenges the status quo and is open to implementing more modern and progressive software testing techniques, Precise Testing Solutions believes there is always a potential for improvement.

We pledge to our clients that we will meet their expectations by employing the best testing methods currently used in the business to produce high-quality and bug-free outputs

The firm's reputation was developed through continuous R&D, and to keep up with the demands of innovation and advancing technology, the company regularly examines and enhances its operating procedures while putting a strong emphasis on the importance of fostering collaboration and the application of novel techniques as it works to make continual improvements. “We support open, honest, and transparent communication with our clients, partners, and workers to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that we can build enduring connections with all of them,” speaks Vikash Kumar.

Chetna Soni, CEO

While delivering testing of high quality, on par with the best in the industry, the firm ensures that cost is never a barrier to getting things done and quality is never compromised by offering a wide range of services that are also competitively priced. Some of Precise Testing Solutions' USP includes its adept project management methods, cutting-edge automation tools, and strong client relations.

Precise Testing Solution is acknowledged as one of the best in the market for offering quality assurance services. “Our future expansion plans are quite extensive as we aim to become a global market leader in cyber security. Currently, we have branches in India and Us and we are planning to expand our services to Dubai in the first phase of our expansion plan. Next, we will extend our reach to customers in Europe, Canada, and Japan,” signs off Vikash Kumar.